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Poem About Getting Kicked Out Of School

Hmmmmm...school and drugs...that's why I wrote this. I got kicked out of school for using drugs.

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Hitting The Pipe


Published: June 2008

I got kicked out of school for something uncool,
It was hitting the pipe before classes.
Now each day that passes the world spits out masses of students who messed up the same. For the teachers who knew I messed up at school
I want you to know that I'm sorry.
I had so many chances to stop smoking ounces
but I threw it all out to get high!!
Though the pain that I feel is so sharp and real
the sensation just won't go away,
but I know how you feel
because you see me for real
no matter what other peeps say
that's why I took this time to write this rhyme
and explain just exactly how I feel
about getting kicked out of school for something so uncool as hitting the pipes before classes

so to the students who blaze
you can pretend it's a phase
but really it's a total addiction
just make sure you know that you don't rely on it bro
and we all will do fine to approach this.


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