Adoption Poem

Poem From Mom Giving Child Up For Adoption

A mother who is not ready to be one has the courage to give her child to another, although it leaves a hole in her heart.

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Letting Go


Published: February 2006

Your cry pierced the morning silence
All I heard was you.
I blocked out the sounds,
I blocked out the sights.
I see only you.
Your tiny hand grips my finger
Our eyes meet
An instant bond is formed
Your smell swirls around my head
I begin to wipe off your body
Your hair fresh to the world,
Curls and slightly blows
With every breath I take
I hold you close to me
Afraid to let go.
Your blue eyes look at me,
You curl up on my chest
I know the world
Looks at you like a curse,
I don't care.
I love you just the same.
Time passes so quickly,
I still continue to hold you.
I know it's almost time,
I try to forget.
Your love fills the room,
And fills my heart.
I look out the window; it's snowing.
I hand you over.
The tears come like the snow
Matching the unheard rhythm.
The smell that once belonged here
Follows you out the door.
The warmth that you shed upon my heart
Disappears slowly,
Feeling like a hole,
Like a missing piece.
I stare into another place,
Another time,
A place and time
Where I could be happy,
A place and time
That you were here
Where you would never leave,
Where you would be mine forever.



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