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When I was twelve years old, I was addicted to meth. I did it every day until I was fifteen years old. My mother left me and my father died, so I had no one. I only had drugs. I was 15 years old and checked into rehab at 5'9" and only 90 pounds. They told me that I was so close to dying and that they never saw that amount of meth in a child's body before. I wrote this describing my life on meth. This poem is a lot longer, but I couldn't fit all of it. I am now four years sober.

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I began to use meth when I was 16. Growing up as a child, it seemed as though I wasn't loved or cared for. Violence took a toll in the family. Father was a meth addict. Mother was an...

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Words Of A Silent Killer


Published: June 2015

You think you have control,
But I am the one who has it.
You do not, not in the least bit.
I make you cry because if I don't, then people wonder why.
You thought you were loved, but now you're lost.
I took over you mind, and that was your cost.
You are so blind; people have told you, but you didn't listen.
Now I laugh because your eyes don't even glisten.
I am the reason you cannot sleep.
I am pain that hurts so bad,
But you are in too deep.
You never knew what you had; you looked to see.
Now you're the person you're not wanting to be.
I am the reason why you can't love,
Because you don't know what's up above
You love me and no one else.
I took your life away
On that very first day.
I still have control; I am your confession.
You sold your soul to me,
Which led you into deep depression.
You'll never be free
Because you belong to me.
I long for you to relapse
As I push you down until you collapse.
I am the reason you can't look people in the eyes
Because I make you wear a disguise.
I keep you locked in a cage,
Which causes you to have a deep rage.
I made you feel unaware, and I really don't care.
I am all you fear,
Which causes you all these tears.
I am always right, so you think.
I make you so scared you cannot blink.
I took away all your trust,
Made it so you could only lust.
I don't care how you feel,
Because, between you and me, you will never heal.
I tear you down inside, which all you can do is deny.
I knew you would come to me on the day of your birth.
I took all you were ever worth.
You think you are okay, but I have something to say.
You thought you were bold.
Now you're sitting here crying, wondering why I am so cold.
I took you away from all your youth.
I also made it so you could never tell the truth.
I am the reason that causes you death.
I sneak upon and take your last breath.
Can you guess who I am?
I am Crystal Meth.



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  • Destini by Destini
  • 2 years ago

I began to use meth when I was 16. Growing up as a child, it seemed as though I wasn't loved or cared for. Violence took a toll in the family. Father was a meth addict. Mother was an alcoholic, and big brother was a typical teenager on the way to a hard road. I learned the hard way, and so did the people before me. I was out of control and was as wild as an untamed horse. It progressed: not going to school, then juvenile detention center, a group home, a foster home, dysfunctional family. The mother hit me, had to move to dad's, but dad hit me, and then going back to mom's. At the end of my wonderful process, I'm happy to say I am a self-moralized, strong built woman still on a hard path but getting ideas and decisions together.

  • Arun S. Raj by Arun S. Raj, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA
  • 2 years ago

This is a very serious poem that shows the results of drug addiction and how it destroys the person. It's educational and an eye opener.

  • Nana1207 by Nana1207
  • 3 years ago

I am an addict myself who lost my children after raising them on my own for 12 years. Got addicted to crack cocaine. It took me 15 years but I finally realized my kids and now grandkids meant more to me. Now my baby girl, who has two daughters of her own is addicted to Meth. I hurts SOOO much I don't even know what to say. She gave custody of her girls away and is looking at prison time cause she got caught with a dealer and took the blame. What hurts the most is when she tells me that all her life everyone has said she is just like me, so she says I AM JUST LIKE YOU mama..

How do you deal with that...

  • Kat by Kat, Chicago
  • 3 years ago

This is so scary! Thank God you saw the light and you are now sober. Thank you for sharing your story. Please keep fighting and you will succeed. God bless you.

  • Cheryl Martin by Cheryl Martin
  • 3 years ago


I have a 24 year old daughter addicted to heroin for at least 3 years now. She has not found her way to recovery, or even the desire for recovery. It is beyond heartbreaking to know she is such a prisoner of addiction. I commend the strength, courage, and commitment it took to see your way to recovery, and am so glad you saw yourself as worthy of a different life. Your story offers hope to those caught in the web of drugs. Good luck as you continue your life journey in the absence of meth. May God bless and keep you always, Cheryl

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