Dad Poem by Teens

Poem Expressing Love For A Dad

This is for my Papa who I love as much as words can say. For all the times he said 'I love you' to me. For every moment he is with me. For every word that means something to me.

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My Papa


Published: March 2009

He's there when I wake
He's there when I sleep
He's there when I'm not
He's there when I am

His love is unconditional
His walks are slow
His family is first
His children are his joy

Joy, love, caring is he
Friendly, helpful is him too
Careful, educated he also is
my Papa is all this and more

Papa's love to me is more than words
Daddy's words are loving ones
Father's love is there when I'm not
Papi is more to me than words can ever say

From birth to now his love was and is there
13 years of loving me
At birth he loved me
Now he loves me more each day

His little angel writes of love
Papa's love of all kinds
The one love that lasts
One kind and no more

Unconditionally loved is the best
No one can take it
Only he can give it
My Papi's no one more

Who can take away that bond
Father and Daughter
No one at all only he
But will he, never

What is it
How can be
But no one knows
only my Papa knows

Love is what my Papi is
Strength is love
Friendship is love
But Papi is to define love

What more can you say
When he is there every day
What more can you write
When Papi is here

All I think of is
No more than that
No one can take Papi's heart away

and nothing more

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