Addiction Poem about Family

The Monster's Name Is DOPE

I think the poem tells the story: drugs stole my son while I was busy working and providing a roof, food, and clothes. He was always so bright, so full of potential, and I blame myself (although HE never has) for not paying closer attention. My naive outlook on life (in particular my own family) made this even harder to deal with.

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There is something worse than death or jail. It's the land of nothingness full of evil spirits and lost souls. That place where you can't die and you have no one or nothing. This keeps me...

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My Josh


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

In my mind I hold a picture
Of how we used to be.
For everything you needed
You could turn to me.
I still see that sweet faced baby
And the toddler full of joy,
The charming little person,
And the athletic growing boy.
Every phase I relished
Treasuring every day
All the while knowing
Someday you'd grow away.

I guess I wasn't watching
Not holding up my end
Because I swear I never saw
When evil stole in on the wind.
I sensed something was different,
I knew something was wrong,
But tried to justify my part -
"The Single Mother's Song."
When I finally woke up
Nowhere left to hide,
I cried and swore, yelled and begged,
But I was always on your side!

Through all the broken promises,
The stealing, and the lies,
Somehow I still could find my son
When I looked into your eyes.
The phone became my enemy.
Each ring could bring my death
Because I feared the words I'd hear.
I lived holding my breath.
The road has not been easy,
But I've always lived in hope
Because I know you're not the enemy.
The monster's name is DOPE.
This disease will never leave you
You'll struggle one day at a time.
You won't always be a junkie,
But you WILL always be MINE.


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  • Kameti Kassanga by Kameti Kassanga
  • 9 years ago

A touching poem. I have been an addict of kuber and ground earth tobacco since my days in high school. The hardest battle is that which you fight against oneself. It took me a step of faith and a great prayer to climb out of that coffin. Our Lord is merciful.

  • Kristina Sharpe by Kristina Sharpe
  • 9 years ago

That poem touched me like you wouldn't believe..because I was Joshua, and I know I've hurt my family and friends over and over. But there was a rainbow after the storm.
I've been clean off heroin for 10yrs. I'm 34 yrs old and I'm living my life the right way...I hope Joshua knows that nothing good comes out of's either death or happy ending...God bless your heart.

  • Christina Rummel by Christina Rummel
  • 5 years ago

There is something worse than death or jail. It's the land of nothingness full of evil spirits and lost souls. That place where you can't die and you have no one or nothing. This keeps me chasing God and not dope.

  • Lee Wiles by Lee Wiles
  • 10 years ago

My friend died from heroin addiction, from start to finish it took 6 months. He hung himself, we are Catholics so it was/is frowned upon, I was a heroin addict myself, his death haunted me for a long time. I was broken, it stole a peace of me. Richard brought so much joy into the lives he touched in his short time he with us, but he was only lent to us as god needed him in heaven. This inspired me to stop using heroin and crack and get clean. Anyone can recover with God's help, Richard always in my heart and you inspire me to stay clean one day at a time. luv ya kid.

  • Lindsay by Lindsay, Baltimore Md
  • 11 years ago

Beautiful poem! I'm a recovering addict, from dope as well (opiate use form 19-25) I just feel the need to tell you that in no way is it your fault that your son developed this horrible disease of addiction, unless you were also using which obviously you weren't. My mom was also a single mom working hard and overwhelmed a lot because she never took a minute for herself as she was always doing for me and my bro. She instilled morals, and values, she taught us right from wrong. When this disease came into my life I knew it was my choice to even try any of the drugs that I was always taught were bad. I chose to anyways, even though I knew better....therefore being my choice, my fault. Please stop blaming yourself, you are only beating yourself up for no reason. I will keep you and Josh in my prayers and I hope he finds his way into the rooms of saved my life. I'd love to hear an update on you both if Poss. Thx!

  • Jeanne by Jeanne, Dyersburg TN
  • 12 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing your poem about your son. My son is 34 and has been addicted to cocaine since he was 20. Your poem says it all.

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