Mother Poem

Poem About All Mother Has Done Over The Years

This Poem is dedicated to my mum who has always been there for me and whom I love very much.

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Ode To My Mum

© more by Franciszka Doris

Published: November 2007

M - is for MUM,
U - is for Unique in every way
M - is for Memories enshrined forever
With a mum like you I could never be glum

Your smile is like sunshine, it warms me through and through
Your eyes are pools of liquid love that just makes me want to cry
To hug you till I die

When I was little you showed your love in every way
By applying magic plasters and kisses by the day
Every hurt you healed with loving grace
Bringing back a smile to my tearstained face

Nothing was ever too much for you
You were my taxi, my mentor, my mum
All I asked of you, with love you would do
Sometimes with a sigh, a look, a gesture
But always with buckets of love by the measure

When I was inconsolable and my heart was broken
Your arms around me, loving words were spoken
You gave me faith and hope that love would be mine one day
That my knight in shining armor would surely come my way

You were there when my hand was given away,
and cried as dad handed me over
You gave me a hug and squeezed my hand, its' ok, love,
I'll always be here for you night and day

You took turns in mopping my brow when my babies came along
You gave me support and strength to carry on
Helped me through teething, colic and broken bones
Always with compassion, caring and calm

Mum, my debt to you is undisputed
My love for you unconditional and limitless
You are my rock, my anchor, my safe harbor in times of stress
Thanks mum, for everything, I love you

Franciszka F Doris


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