Missing You Poem

My cousin that I was very close to died of a heart problem when he was 13 and I was 11. He was my hero, the one I looked up to, the one that told me what was right and what was wrong. When he was put into the ground a part of me went with him, this poem is about all our happy summers together before his time came to such a sad ending.

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Remember The Happy Times?


Published: August 2008

Hey baby dear,
do you remember when we all went out fishing?
At that little lake out in the meadow?
Remember how you caught 5 fish and I caught a cold?
That day made my summer.
Hey baby dear,
Do you remember when we decided to paint the old pool house?
Remember our crazy scheme to get the paint?
How you were going t be like old hobo Jimmy and make a thousand a day?
That memory is one of my favorites.
Hey baby dear,
Do you remember when we had movie night on that very special pull out couch?
Remember how you covered my eyes every time you thought I would be scared?
How you said you would make sure I never saw people getting hurt?
You became my hero from that point on.
Hey baby dear,
Do you remember that last summer out in our secret fort?
Remember the grass and weed decorations we put up promising to be back next summer?
Remember how we wrote our names with flowers and put them on the roof?
I knew we were invincible with our names up in the sky.
Hey baby dear,
Do you remember how we never made it back that next summer?
Remember you got put in the hospital and stayed there for that whole summer?
How you promised me you'd be out and well by the summer after that?
I remember how you never came home after that last visit.
I remember seeing you in a big wooden box.
I remember our flowers names getting put into the ground with you.
I'm not so invincible now..


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