Abandonment Poem

Poem About Father Leaving Mother And Baby

Anabella is my beautiful 2 month old daughter whose father and I tried to conceive for months. Two months after her arrival, her daddy decided he no longer wanted to be a family man and just left us.

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Through Anabella's Eyes


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

Dear Daddy...do ever wonder about me?
Dear Daddy...don't you want to see who I will be?

Dear Daddy...a life as a family, didn't you promise to share?
Dear Daddy...are you out there, do you even care?

Dear Daddy...why don't you love me as much as your other kids?
Dear Daddy...I will always wonder, is it something I did?

Dear Daddy...you are missing my firsts in life.
Dear Daddy...who will show me how to ride my first bike?

Dear Daddy...how could you forget who I am?
Dear Daddy...I was the one you and mom planned.

Dear Daddy...each day that goes by, I learn to live without my father.
Dear Daddy...don't stay away too much longer.

Dear Daddy...don't let me forget your voice.
Dear Daddy...not much longer, I won't have that choice.

Dear Daddy...soon I won't recognize your scent.
Dear Daddy...nights on your chest I'm forgetting we spent.

Dear Daddy...what man will I ever be able to trust?
Dear Daddy...to be successful these days, a stable home is a must.

Dear Daddy...mom said you promised to never leave,
Dear Daddy...this makes it hard for me, in others, to believe.

Dear Daddy...my memory is fading fast.
Dear Daddy...as a little girl, my ponytails won't last.

Dear Daddy...mom says, from problems I should never run.
Dear Daddy...even when life seems like no fun.

Dear Daddy...she says life gets hard.
Dear Daddy...but if we don't face our demons, we won't go far.

Dear Daddy...is it happier alone than to say you were wrong?
Dear Daddy...she tells me, for us she has to be strong.

Dear Daddy...is this how the world really works?
Dear Daddy...is having my real dad here simply a perk?

Dear Daddy...it was your choice to drive away.
Dear Daddy...was there any part of you that wanted to stay?

Dear Daddy...I don't find it fair
Dear Daddy...how can you choose to no longer care?

Dear Daddy...I had hopes for you and me.
Dear Daddy...will you stop for once, through my eyes and see?

Dear Daddy...please don't forget that I am alive.
Dear Daddy...don't push the memory of me to the side.

Dear Daddy...I am your blood and soul
Dear Daddy...without me, do you really feel whole?

Written by my Mommy, Karrie Ann Howe,
as she sees it through my eyes...


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