Hard Times Poem

Poem About a Hard Time in a Family

One man's journey trough the trials and hardships of life and finally to the light.

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True Family


Published: February 2006

I was just a boy at the age of six
my life seemed to be so swell
Who could have ever imagined
it would turn to a living hell.
I woke up early one morning
and my life was about to change
my world turned upside down
now just a darkened haze.
My mother had packed my clothes
and put them into a strange car
she said we were taking a trip
but it would not be very far.
As we turned the first corner
I saw my home slowly fade
who was this strange man driving?
my little mind was in a daze.
Where was my father
who I thought was my best friend
does he even know I am leaving
will this road ever end?
What could my mother be thinking
how could I ever smile again
moving me to a brand new house
leaving behind my best friend.
Now I am living with a man
that I do not even know
falling deeper into this darkened haze
where will my life go?
Why doesn't my father come for me?
was I that bad of a son?
These crazy thoughts running through my head
what the hell have I done?
Was my mother completely insane?
could I ever trust her again?
No one I can talk to
I have lost my best two friends.
I stare into this darkened haze
as I lay awake each night
Will I ever see my father again?
Will I ever find the light?
I wish I had someone to talk to
That could help me understand
why the hell I was ever born
to such a cruel woman and man.
Now my soul has sunken deeper
into this darkened haze
I no longer know what love is
I have lost it along the way.
As I began to grow older
My heart hardened like a brick wall
Had I caused too much destruction
the blame for this family's great fall?
My life was slowly creeping by
When I had met this beautiful girl
One look into her hazel eyes
More beautiful than my world.
Now here stands in front of me
A light I have not seen in years
Could my heart possibly soften?
Or would I cause more pain and tears.
How can I even talk to her
I don't even know what to say
Will she look deep into my eyes
and see this darkness


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