Children Poem

Two Beautiful Girls

Do children ever know how much they give to us simply be their existence, can they ever fathom the depths to which their parents love them?

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My Daughters


Published: February 2006

The one thing God has allowed my body to do right was to birth two beautiful girls who are literally my world!
What would I do without you? Where would I be?
It is your presence and your love that keeps me on this earthly plane giving me the strength to fight on
You have been exposed to so much in your short life but you do not complain when I disappear I hear you call my name and I know I must come back to fight on
You love me unconditionally, you love me without limits& without boundaries and for that I am thankful You are not ashamed of my scars or my screams and for that I am grateful.
Grow and fly away do not let my past stand in your way. Each day offers you an experience anew and if taken advantage of will blossom into a better you.
My beautiful daughters do you even know the love I have for you?



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