Abandonment Poem

Poem About Dad Not Spending Time With Daughter

A girl expresses anger at her father for not being in her life though she needed him so much.

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Wow, that is quite a journey you have had in your lifetime . Well I can kinda relate to that . A little after I was born my dad walked out on me and my mom . It was so depressing for me that...

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Where Were You?


Published: February 2006

Where were you for ten years?
It was because of you I would cry
You said that you would be there
But I've heard that lie

Where were you when I needed you
You were at work or gone
I don't want twenty bucks, I want you
But things don't change with a wave of a wand

But you wouldn't understand
You were never there
I need you
Not a teddy bear

I wanted a hug from my dad
Not my step-mom
But you left again
And told me to stay calm

I would call every week
And after I would cry
But you wouldn't care
That's why I said bye!



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  • Liz by Liz, Reading PA
  • 6 years ago

My father abandoned me four years ago. I never get to see him. Kids at school make fun of me for it, and it hurts.
Father wasn't there when he said he would be, nor did he call when he said he will. Half the time I'm wondering why men were put on Earth if all they ever did was drink, knock up women and take off. My mother abused me, and now I'm living with my grandparents, thanks to the both of them. It tears a deep black hole in my heart, knowing that the reason why my parents didn't abort me was because they thought I was going to be a boy, that and they couldn't afford an abortion.

  • Ashley Marie Cavazos by Ashley Marie Cavazos
  • 4 years ago

Wow, that is quite a journey you have had in your lifetime . Well I can kinda relate to that . A little after I was born my dad walked out on me and my mom . It was so depressing for me that I remember til this day what he wore . He not only walked out on me but on 6 other mothers that gave birth to his children. My grandparents adopted me and I recently got a Facebook message from my long term stepsister if that makes sense and she asked me if I would want to see my father . Till this day I never have and never will accept him as a father .

  • Taniqua by Taniqua, Denver
  • 7 years ago

Abandoned and left in the dark to find the love from a man that I never had in my life. Now I strive for that love that I never received from my dad oh how I wish I was a daddy's girl to tell him about boys or get his help on homework. I'm going to be 17 and not once has he spent more then $15 on me but I wish he would see what a woman I've became without his love and affection. Oh how I wish he would stop making promises that he can't keep or excuses of why he left when I make something of myself is that when you wanna play daddy? When your flesh and blood that you made has succeeded in life and a daughter that came back 10x stronger then what you ever were. I'm cool with my Stacy and step dad Will just know he will be a better man then what you ever were with no excuses and them sweet kisses and tight hugs someone who's going to pick me up when I fall and wipe my knees off, but one question for you deadbeat with a daughter that's about to graduate and have prom and homecoming where are you going to be hitting the bottle or the pipe? Just stay outta sight you missed out on this beautiful little life. That will make it in this cold world.

This story really relates to me when I was born, my real father wasn't there, or anytime after that. He didn't pay any child support, or show himself whenever I had a birthday or when I graduated from elementary and high school. Even to this day, I still wonder where he is, and what he's doing now. My dream is to someday track him down, and have one long talk with him. I'm coming for you, Dad!!!!

  • Chelsea Culver by Chelsea Culver
  • 9 years ago

My father hasn't been around for about 8 years now. I'm fifteen in a half, and I just recently found my father. It's hard for me to open up to him, especially since he has a new family. A wife, and a step daughter. I asked him to come up for my sixteenth birthday. I hope he comes. He's not the best of dads, but he is my other half.

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