Divorce Poem

Wondering Why Mom Left

The poem expresses a child's grief that his mother has left.

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I am a mom who has 3 daughters I cannot see because their dad has blocked me and they are told that I don't love them and that it is my choice not to see them. You must know that your mom...

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Why, Mom?


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

What started it? What really went wrong?
Was our family's love not as strong?
It's hard to believe my mother's the one who's gone
Every night I cry and think about what went wrong
I ask, why is she gone, why'd she leave, why's she not here?
Like a waterfall, my eyes fill up, pouring tear after tear
Sometimes I wish my life were different, in a much better way
Hoping that God would give me just one good day
I think to myself and ask God, why? Why isn't my life so great?
I guess he says back to me that it's just my eternal fate
Maybe someone out there will hear my cry
Praying for me, helping me get by
Mom, I still love you, even though you left me
But I still need you, I need you, Mom


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  • Jennifer Talbot by Jennifer Talbot
  • 6 years ago

I am a mom who has 3 daughters I cannot see because their dad has blocked me and they are told that I don't love them and that it is my choice not to see them. You must know that your mom never stops thinking about you. It kills her to not be in your life. There are so many good mothers out there who are made to look like they abandoned their children. Mothers just can't. It is not in our DNA. We need our children like they need us. She is afraid of being rejected by you after all this time. She is trying to give you what she thinks you want, but her heart is dying inside. You will be saving her life. You will make her happier than you could ever hope to make anyone in your lifetime. Don't give up. Don't judge her, and find a way to let her know how you feel. Let her know you don't hate her and that you miss her. Every day she faces without you is torture. Believe me. She is weakening as each day passes. Don't wait until it is too late. Good luck.

  • Hidayah by Hidayah
  • 7 years ago

Same goes to me. My parents got divorced in 2014 so its been two years already. I don't want to know who's fault is it, I'm tired. I'm the eldest from five siblings, so I need to take care of my younger sisters and brother alone. They're still young and know nothing. I felt sorry for them. We stay with our dad, mom moved to the other country. Shortly thereafter dad got sick. He had a stroke. He's lost his job. And we just live and let live. Everything has changed. The only things that we can do is, just praying to Allah maybe He will ease every single thing for us. Stay strong, everything that happened in our life must be something behind that He wanted to show to us. He knows how broken we are. Just believe that rainbow will comes after the rain ')

  • Kendall by Kendall, GA
  • 9 years ago

My mom and dad split up, I went with my dad and now my mom is moving to Florida and this poem relates to how I feel. Especially the part where it says every night I cry and think what went wrong. Please pray.

  • Elsa Rosenfeld by Elsa Rosenfeld
  • 10 years ago

This poem broke my heart. To think there are so many children out there who feel the same way is just horrible.
It makes me feel so grateful I still have a mother.

  • Jeanette by Jeanette, PA
  • 11 years ago

My parents got divorced four years ago. It really shattered me because I was only nine.
I was placed in home after home; momma had split for Pennsylvania and now I'm back with her.
She doesn't say a kind word to me, and the poem really speaks out what I feel.

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