Abandonment Poem

Would She Really Leave Poem

A mother leaves her daughter with no explanation. Her daughter is left with no understanding and no one to talk to who understands what she is going through.

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Listen To Me


Published: February 2006

Would she really leave
And just walk out the door?
I used to think she wouldn't,
But now I have no clue.
Does she even love us?
She doesn't really show it.
I try not to make her mad,
But she doesn't care.
I'm sick of the tears,
And all the pain.
I feel unloved,
Destroyed in the heart.
I feel like running away,
But I have no courage.
I'm so afraid,
Because she won't listen.
Everyone defends her,
Never looking my way.
They need to hear
Everything I have to say.
The pain rushes out,
From trying to keep it in.
No one gets me,
Would it be better if I die?
God, forgive me,
But can't you see the pain.
Please, what do I do?
Take me away,
So far away.
I want to be free,
Away from everything.


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