Miscarriage Poems

Miscarriage Poems

Poems about Pregnancy Loss

One of life's most painful losses is that of an unborn child. Miscarriages cause a pain that is unfamiliar to most and understood by few. Parents feel a strong and natural love for their unborn child and to lose their little one to death before they ever had a chance at life can seem unfair, cruel even. Parents are left to wonder what might have been and a pair of empty arms can seem emptier than ever before. Faced with such a terrible situation parents should remember that it is normal, necessary, and healthy to grieve.

25 Poems for Coping with Miscarriage Loss

  1. 1. A Letter To My Unborn Child

    • By Kaitlyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2011

    The loss of my unborn child is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. By writing this poem, it helped me relieve some grief that was bottled inside. I came to this website in hopes of finding something that I can relate to, and I hope that my poem can help someone out there understand that they are not alone.

    So quickly you came into our lives,
    So quickly torn away.
    Never got the chance to meet you.
    There's so much I want to say.

    Where there once was joy and happiness,
    Now there's sadness, guilt, and pain.
    All these thoughts running through my head,
    It's enough to drive me insane.

    Though you lived only eight short weeks,
    You were loved so very much.
    I wish that I could hold you.
    I long to feel your touch.

    On that fateful night,
    My world was ripped from under my feet.
    I pray that in another life
    We get the chance to meet.

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  3. 2. For My Little One

    At the moment I realized I was pregnant, I fell in love. I loved my child so much and for the next two months my excitement grew and the fear that once was buried in me about being a young single parent was gone. Then one day I felt funny and started to bleed. I lost my baby. My heart is still broken, and I wish I had the chance to tell them how much I love them. Grieving the death of my child that I never had the chance to meet has been the greatest struggle of my life.

    Although We Never Met

    I never saw your twinkling eyes
    Or touched your precious feet.
    I never shared a tiny yawn
    Or rocked you fast asleep.

    I never kissed your tiny hands
    Or saw your little smile.
    I never held you in my arms,
    But I held you for a while.

    Although I never saw your face
    Or heard your precious laughter,
    You're still my child whom I love
    And will forever after.

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    This poem is everything I've been thinking but unable to say. I was a young mother. I'm 16 and I lost my baby. When I started bleeding they told me everything was fine. They told me my baby...

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  5. 3. My Little Angel

    • By April Westlake
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    Losing a baby isn't easy for anyone. Losing anybody isn't easy for anyone either. I am lost for words on what has happened with this pregnancy in the last couple months. All I can do is be strong.

    Losing A Baby Isn't Easy

    I never got to hold you,
    Or kiss your little head,
    Or watch you sleeping soundly
    All snuggled in your bed.

    I can't count your tiny fingers
    Or your even smaller toes.
    I won't see your smile
    Or your cute little button nose.

    You're gone too soon - we don't even know
    If you're a girl or boy.
    Our hearts are filled with sorrow
    When they should be full of joy.

    I know you are in heaven,
    Where there is no pain or tears.
    You'll never get hurt or sick.
    In heaven there are no fears.

    And though I'm sad you're not here right now
    For us to hold today,
    I know we'll hold you in our arms
    When we're in heaven with you someday.

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    Cole was a full-term baby. He died hours after birth. We held him for hours, passing him around. We knew he wouldn't live long, so we talked to him, telling him how much we loved him. After 4...

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  6. 4. Long To See Your Sweet Face

    • By Kim Perry
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2012

    This poem was written for our child we lost at 10 1/2 weeks due to a miscarriage. Grieving a child you never got the chance to meet is absolutely the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. With this loss there are no memories to hold on to help with the grief. This poem is an outlet for me to start that grieving process.

    Two pink lines, we knew it was true,
    Sooner than later we would meet you.
    I yelled for your Daddy and smiled just so.
    He stood there in shock and a glorious glow.
    We made lots of phone calls and shared our great news.
    I had lots of symptoms and even some clues.
    Then one day as I was taking out the trash,
    Something came over me and I knew in a flash
    Everything was wrong and I prayed it wasn't so,
    So I called up your Daddy and said we must go
    To the hospital to check on your stats.
    Waiting so patiently for the results to come back,
    We were told the bleeding was normal, you were just fine.
    Worrying uncontrollably because you were mine,
    Waiting for the doctor seemed to take forever.
    I guess she just thought she was being so clever.
    Up on the screen we could see your silhouette.
    The doctor made a grave face, and I said no, not yet.
    "There is no heartbeat," are the words we dreaded most.
    The tears started to fall and I felt like a ghost.
    I wanted to run, and I wanted to hide.
    I wanted you there standing at my side.
    I long now to hold you and hear your soft cries,
    Play with your belly and hear your faint sighs.
    Never will I have the chance to kiss your sweet lips,
    Wrap your sweet legs around my soft hips.
    I know you are in Heaven and safe you will always be,
    But oh, I long to touch the baby I will never see.

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    I fell pregnant in 2012. I had the two lines come up on the test. I was excited but my partner (now ex) wasn't. He said he would throw me down stairs to make sure the baby doesn't survive. I...

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  7. 5. Miscarriage

    When a child dies before birth, many question why, as did my daughter who lost a child through miscarriage. I wrote this poem for her through my belief that as hard as miscarriage is to understand, God doesn't make mistakes. He loves us, and there is an answer that I believe coincides with my poem.

    Sympathy Poem For Miscarriage

    What we call miscarriage,
    Is hard to understand,
    but God calls special babies
    back with Him in Heaven's land.

    He doesn't need to test them.
    These angels are too pure.
    The trials of this earth
    are not theirs to endure.

    But as all of God's children,
    they need a family too,
    An angel dwelt inside your womb
    because this child chose you.

    A loving son or daughter
    will be in your arms one day.
    One whose love surrounds you
    Heaven's not that far away.

    Trust in God, our Father
    and always remember this,
    everything has purpose.
    and with Him there is no "mis."

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  8. 6. Still

    • By Jenna L. Alfrey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017

    This poem was written after I suffered an early miscarriage. There is no right or wrong way to go through this process, and I felt completely betrayed by my body in the days after I lost the baby. I had all the initial dreams and hopes for this child as I have for my children I carried to term. I needed to let myself feel all the grief and pain associated with the loss, and I will continue to feel the loss of that child forever. This miscarriage has changed me.

    Grief And Pain After A Miscarriage

    My body is still birthing,
    But nothing is to show.
    The little life that was to be
    Left my body days ago.

    My body is still bleeding
    Like a casualty took place,
    And I mourn the ever-lingering loss
    As I imagine a what-if face.

    My body is still weeping
    Even if no tears are cried.
    Despite the plastered grit and grin,
    My pain feels impossible to hide.

    My body is still broken,
    At least that's what I perceive.
    What should have been your safest place,
    Instead leaves me to grieve.

    My body is still aching,
    Shuddering, and unkind,
    Leaving in place of your still life-
    A heartbreak for the rest of mine.

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    I've had 2 miscarriages...one at 8 weeks and one at 12. I'm still grieving. I agree, it is a very lonely process. It's been 2 years since my first one. The pain subsides but never fully goes...

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  9. 7. For Our Angel

    • By Lisa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

    I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks with my first pregnancy.

    We don't want to cry anymore,
    But the pain won't go away.
    Our hearts are torn in two
    Because our baby couldn't stay.

    We don't want to cry anymore.
    God had other plans for you.
    Mommy and Daddy will get through this someday,
    But right now our world is blue.

    We don't want to cry anymore.
    We never thought we'd be torn apart.
    Even though we can't hold you in our arms,
    We will always hold you in our hearts.

    We don't want to cry anymore.
    Our Angel, there was nothing we could do.
    Mommy and Daddy will miss you so much,
    And never forget, we will always love you.

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  10. 8. A Dedication To Your Unborn Child

    • By R.E.S.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    I dedicate this poem to Jean and her unborn child 6-28-07.

    You went into the office
    expecting the great news,
    that your baby was secure,
    growing in your womb.
    You didn't hear the heartbeat
    and you didn't feel it move.
    You ended up getting
    the worst unexpected news.
    Your child is in heaven,
    an angel in the sky,
    filled with joy and laughter
    growing as time goes by.
    Your life will go on.
    The tears will come and go.
    only time now
    will heal your broken soul.

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  11. 9. I Am Here

    • By Stacey Jo Rumberger
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012

    I am a mom of four handsome boys. When people ask if I was "trying for that girl," I get so mad because they have no idea. You don't have a baby because you want one; you are given a baby because the big man upstairs says so. Things happen for a reason, what reason? We will never know. I don't have a good story to share. My sister lost a baby boy 8 years ago in the 2nd trimester & I have had too many friends lose or miscarry their angel babies.

    Poem For The Loss Of A Baby

    Please don't cry, I am here.
    Just look around; I am very near.
    I am the prettiest butterfly
    exploring the day.
    I am the shiniest star
    showing you my wings glisten afar.
    I am the wind moving your hair
    to kiss your cheek,
    so please wipe your tears away.
    I am here, playing hide 'n seek.

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    Don't ever let someone blame you for the loss of your child. There is no reason to take the blame. Sounds like you are better off without him in your life, and the same as his mother. Don't...

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  12. 10. Teenage Miscarriage

    • By Danielle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009

    This is a poem I made about my triplet miscarriage I had 4 weeks ago. I was pregnant with triplets but lost them at 16 weeks.

    Poem About Losing Triplets

    They say that time's a great healer,
    But I don't think that's true.
    My heart's been aching so, so much
    Since the day that I lost you.

    I had to say goodbye
    Before I could say hello.
    I wish I could have told you
    How much I loved you so.

    You mean more to me than anything,
    Even though we never met.
    Mummy loves her precious babies,
    And I promise that I won't forget.

    You're my three shining stars,
    And in my heart is where you'll stay,
    But don't be too sad, little ones
    Because Mummy knows we'll meet someday.

    In memory of my triplets

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    I also had a beautiful baby girl who I had at 25 weeks and 5 days. She lived for 2 days. I'll never get over losing my princess. I had a little boy, so all I wanted was a little girl. She...

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  13. 11. I'm Waiting For You

    • By Emily B. Judisch
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2019

    This past fall I had a miscarriage. While I try every day to find reason or to justify it being for the best, I can't seem to find closure. I've set my life in a tail spin trying to get pregnant again, thinking that will fill the hole I can't seem to fill otherwise. After you have a miscarriage, you find out it's super common, but no one wants to talk about it. They might ask how you are, but no one wants the real answer. So I put some of those feelings into this poem.

    Difficulty After A Miscarriage

    At one time, I thought you were near,
    A feeling so abundantly strong and clear.
    Inside me you grew and grew,
    I was impatient waiting for you.

    With my hand on my stomach, I'd feel our connection.
    Every moment of my day, you had my attention.
    In me was a pride I never knew.
    My love had no bounds, waiting for you.

    You stole my heart before we even met,
    Though you were my reason to fret.
    You were my dream I never thought would come true,
    You were my every smile while I was waited for you.

    I couldn't wait to hear your heartbeat,
    My little almond, you were so sweet.
    But when the time came, it was a reality I couldn't chew.
    They told me I was no longer waiting for you.

    I said goodbye the best I could.
    You were gone from me, for good.
    My body felt empty, my heart felt blue.
    I only wanted to keep waiting for you.

    I want to move on with my life,
    To say it's okay to just be a wife.
    But a mother I want to be, too.
    That is why I'll keep waiting for you.

    I love you, my baby,
    And I know our future isn't just a maybe.
    So you need to know the thing most true,
    That forever I'm waiting for you.

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  14. 12. An Unfinished Life

    Dedicated to my unborn child, 2006.

    Poem Not Understanding Why Son Was Taken

    I'm sitting here mystified and numbed with pain
    To lose someone so close, yet so far away.
    Some say you can't lose something you never had.
    If that's true, then how can I feel this sad?
    I felt more close to you, my child
    More than anyone else around me
    Because I felt you so deep within me.
    So small, no eye could see
    Yet so full of life was felt already.
    Disbelief and uncertainty consume my brain
    As the tears fall like rain.
    Heart pounding hard, feels like thunder.
    The sorrow and anguish down under just can't be explained.
    Was I being punished for a sin I committed?
    Was I to learn something from this and just didn't get it?
    Please God, answer me... what did I do to deserve this?
    Does he know how much I love him?
    'Cause it's your job now to tell him!
    I already miss him... I'd do anything to kiss him...
    To hold him and embrace the mere presence of him.
    I can only hope for one of these days
    He comes back to me, this time to stay.
    To find it deep within his heart
    To give me the chance for a brand new start!

    Dedicated to my unborn child. 2006

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    My eldest son came with his arm held high to the sky. His identical twin brother came with him, modest and his hand holding his mamma's thigh. They were born a miracle at 23 weeks gestation....

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  15. 13. A Mother's Goodbye

    This poem uses rhyming scheme and follows the pattern of a, a, b, b. This poem is written from a mother's point of view after a miscarriage. I mainly wrote this for my mom, who has experienced two miscarriages. So, for all you mothers who have lost a baby, I hope this poem comforts you and helps you to heal. My heart goes out to you!

    Sadness And Healing After Loss Of An Unborn Baby

    I only had you for a little while.
    I was never able to see your smiles,
    Yet I thank God for the little time we had,
    Even though when you left, I was sad.

    You were so precious and small, little ones.
    I wouldn't have cared if you were daughters or sons.
    I held you within my womb, though not for long.
    I was so happy to be your mom.

    But God was ready for you to go,
    Even though I wanted to see you so.
    You died, little ones, within my womb,
    And your enclosures of life became a tomb.

    I was never able to name you.
    I was never able to hold you.
    I was never able to feel you breathe.
    I was never able to give you the love you need.

    I was never able to say goodbye.
    Just thinking about it makes me cry,
    But you are still a part of our family,
    And we all love you; siblings, daddy and me.

    I await the day when I shall see you again,
    When my life ends, and the others sing requiem.
    I pray I'll be in heaven, and there I'll come see you,
    Where you, my little angels, play under skies so blue.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I am sorry for her loss. Yes, I do hope this helped!

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  16. 14. I Did Not Expect This

    • By Carola
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    My first pregnancy just ended with a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks. The doctors, my friends and my family are all trying to provide support. They keep telling me that there was nothing I could do because it is a natural thing that just happens. It is so hard for me to accept that.

    This is natural, they say.
    It is all for the best.
    I cannot move past this heartache,
    This pain in my chest.

    Those days were surreal.
    Did this truly just occur?
    Happiness turned to sorrow
    My life now a blur.

    This is natural, they say.
    I knew I was going to lose you.
    The most difficult emotion.
    There was nothing I could do.

    I am given no explanation.
    This is natural, they say.
    Were you pink or were you blue.
    My complexion is now grey.

    Trying to move on,
    A forward step every day.
    I will always remember you.
    This is natural, they say.

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    Your poem truly touched my heart. I am 19, and I have lost three babies. One when I was 18 and two this year. I was six weeks along with all three. I was scared but so excited when I found...

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  17. 15. The Missing Piece

    • By Kylie Ann
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2014

    This poem expresses my pain over a recent lost pregnancy. The words break my own heart, but I hope that it helps anyone in a similar situation to feel less alone in their hurt.

    Pain Of A Lost Pregnancy

    Your first Christmas came without you.
    You're the unopened secret screams.

    We carry you in our broken hearts all day
    And unwrap you in our dreams.

    I see you in every bulging belly,
    In every mother's thoughtless kiss.

    I see you in empty baby shoes.
    I see you in that, I see you in this.

    You're in every "why can't that be me?"
    And the tears hidden in my car.

    You're the missing piece of every minute
    ...I wonder where you are.

    You were here before you weren't.
    There was a future with you in it.

    Now you're the broken parts of us
    And the missing piece of every minute.

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  18. 16. My Angel Baby

    • By Claire
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    I have suffered two miscarriages and am finally starting to heal and see a way forward!

    Poem About Coping With Miscarriage

    I will never get to hold you,
    To keep you warm and safe.

    Never see your eyes twinkle,
    A smile upon your face.

    You're gone but not forgotten.
    Never born but always here.

    In every ray of sunshine,
    In every rain drop tear.

    I promise I will never forget you.
    You gave me so much hope,

    But now I need to let you go
    So that I can start to cope.

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    My boyfriend and I also had a miscarriage about 6 months ago and I am still in pain over our loss. I am 15 as well, and so reading this poem touched me very dearly. This poem is beautiful and...

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  19. 17. The Baby I Lost

    • By Jennifer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    I wrote this poem to the child I lost last May. It's been a year now, and it still hurts. I was always told I would never conceive. What a miracle I had and before I knew it...I lost it.

    I never knew you existed
    I was told you would never be
    I found out the hard way
    that you were inside of me
    I was bleeding and wouldn't stop
    the doctor said you were gone
    I cry inside every day for you
    were you a boy
    or were you a girl
    I will always love you
    even though I never held you
    Mommy and Daddy love you still
    you will always be my Casper

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    On Friday, December 2, 2016...I made the most difficult decision of my life! My two and a half month baby girl, still inside me....was growing in my tubes! I had a tubal ligation seven years...

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  20. 18. Angel In Heaven

    We lost out baby boy at 16 weeks pregnant. I didn't know anything was wrong until I went for a check-up and my doctor couldn't find his heartbeat. Our hearts have been forever broken since that day...miss you, Little Babe. Love, Mummy, Daddy and your Big Brother Ryder

    We Never Got To Meet You

    We were so excited to meet you
    And be a family of four.
    You were to be our second baby,
    Who we would cherish and adore.

    But you were taken from us,
    Your heartbeat was no longer there.
    Our hearts are forever broken,
    Because this life can be so cruel and unfair.

    Our arms never wrapped around you.
    Our eyes never met hello.
    We never got the chance to meet you;
    Our hearts feel so empty and so low.

    But forever in our hearts you will be.
    We will long for your cuddle and touch.
    Always remember, our sweet Angel,
    Mummy and Daddy will always love you so much.


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  21. 19. Our Precious Baby

    • By David W. Hewitt
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2016

    After the miscarriage of our baby, I had to find a way to help ease the pain we were experiencing. Putting it in words seemed to be a way of letting our baby know that we were sorry for what happened and that we loved him or her.

    Poem About The Loss Of An Unborn Baby

    As you lied so helpless in the womb,
    We patiently awaited your day of bloom.
    A boy, a girl, we had not a clue,
    We'd love no matter what, and this we knew.

    Blankets and booties were chosen with care.
    We dreamed the day we'd have you to share.
    Anxious to hear your first little cry
    And feel the breath of your peaceful sigh.

    To watch your eyes discover new sights,
    To cuddle you close on sleepless nights.
    Why, our Baby, did God change our plan?
    Only He and you will understand.

    The emptiness here has left us numb.
    The sound of your cry will never come.
    Never to hold your tiny hands,
    Never to watch you try to stand.

    Silently we packaged all your stuff,
    The tears we shed were far from enough.
    To most, your existence soon will fade,
    But forever, to us, you'll be OUR BABE.

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  22. 20. My Baby In Heaven

    • By Jenna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thinking about my sweet baby.

    My baby's in heaven,
    but that's okay.
    There she'll be safe
    every second of every single day.
    She'll never ever scream
    or ever have a scary dream.
    She'll be surrounded by love,
    and that's all my baby needs.
    She'll never hurt, never cry
    and never have to say goodbye.
    And baby, I promise you
    that the day that I die
    I will come up to meet you
    and I will never leave your side.

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