Abandonment Poems

Poems about Abandonment and Loss

Family is who we look to when we need help. We expect our parents to raise us, our grandparents to love us, and our brothers and sisters to always be there for us when the chips are down. They are our blood and we depend on that connection. When a family member doesn't live up to our expectations we feel abandoned. When a parent, grandparent or older brother or sister puts their needs in front of our own, we feel abandoned and alone. In such a case, we are likely to feel sad, alone and angry.

Poems from children about feelings of neglect


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  1. What Did I Do?

    • By Krista N. Davis
    • Published: February 2017
    A Little Girl Trying To Understand Why Her Mom Left

    I wake up every morning to a sky so blue
    And wonder, what did I do?
    I sit in my classroom only to daydream about you.
    Wondering, what did I do?

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    I made the same decision you did. I wanted them to have some kind of stability and normalcy in their life. I was selling, using, cooking, etc. The danger I put myself in was enough, but to...

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  3. Dear Mom

    • By Jonah Paulsen
    • Published: February 2017
    An Absent Mother Who Left Her Children

    Dear Mom,
    Have you forgotten?

    Sitting, waiting, hoping

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  4. What It's Like

    • By Alyssa
    • Published: January 2017
    Turning To God When Family Walks Away

    Do you know what it's like
    to feel so alone?
    No mom, no dad,
    no house to call a home.

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    I lost my job in 2016. Fast forward to 2018, and my life took a turn for the worse. My wife abandoned me. I lost all. I was kicked out of the house. I was renting, and now even the friend who...

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  6. Baby John Doe

    • By Cassandra Tisdol
    • Published: June 2015
    Poem About Being Left As A Baby

    Awaken deaf ears, for my voice is still weak,
    My tears are my words and the way that I speak.
    Are you the one who left me here out on the steps?
    My blanket is still wet from the tears that you wept.

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  7. Innocence Lost

    • By Jennifer Harrison
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About A Difficult Childhood

    I don't like it when people fight.
    My mom and dad do every night.
    I lie in bed and pretend to be asleep.
    My mom looks in; I don't make a peep.

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    I can't sleep. I can't eat, I can't even place a smile on my face. A mom and dad nowhere to be found. Why come? You don’t want me. I’m always pushing away the good and bringing closer the...

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  8. Through Anabella's Eyes

    • By Karrie Howe
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About Father Leaving Mother And Baby

    Dear Daddy...do ever wonder about me?
    Dear Daddy...don't you want to see who I will be?

    Dear Daddy...a life as a family, didn't you promise to share?

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  10. A Story In The Stanzas (Daddy, Daddy)

    • By Leigh Robertson
    • Published: November 2011

    He broke me when I was eleven years old
    I knew no worse pain
    I know the truths of the lies he told
    I nearly went insane

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  11. Dad Where Are You Now?

    • By Vannessa
    • Published: November 2011

    Since from my first steps,
    To the broken promises you've never kept.
    From My first dance,
    To your last chance....

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    This story hit close to home because my father left before I was born. But he kept in touch with my mom and sent me a ring before never talking to me again. Soon my mother married and I was...

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  12. A Stranger You Didn't See

    • By Christina Lopez
    • Published: January 2011

    If you saw me on the street
    Would you stop and talk to me
    Or would you look right past me,
    A stranger you didn't see?...

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  13. The Girl You Left Behind

    One day,
    You walked out
    Of my life,
    Without saying a word...

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    My mom died from cancer, drugs, and an eating disorder. Then my dad abandoned me right after she died. He already had a new girlfriend while he was with my mom. He brought her to my mom's...

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