Change Poems by Teens

Change Poems by Teens

Poetry about Change

Dealing with changes is challenging. Especially in our teen years when it seems like changes are unending. Sometimes, we fight to hold on to what we were while, at the very same time, we fight to let go of what we were. That said, change shouldn't be feared. Changes are a beneficial, healthy part of growing up. You might lose something good in the process, but you will most likely gain something even better. People, places, and feelings always change so don't resist it. Embrace change, and life will always offer you something new, different, and interesting.

14 Teen Poems about Change

  1. 1. Complication

    This is really just about how I feel at the moment. Everyone has turned on me, and it's hard to change your life after you already have a reputation. Love all y'all! Thanks for reading...

    Changing Life

    In a world filled with changes
    each and every day,

    I feel I'm being judged
    for what I do and say.

    I remember back to Barbies
    and play days at the park,

    When I didn't worry about
    other people's remarks.

    Now looking in the mirror,
    I see, to my surprise,

    A completely different person
    staring in my eyes.

    The carefree little girl
    I saw at 4 and 5

    Is now becoming a teen
    Just trying to survive.

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    Reading this poem makes me realize the years my daughters are going through. They are really enjoying their growing up years playing toys, having fun watching cartoons, and playing on the...

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  3. 2. Life Will Never Wait

    • By Elizabeth A Cox
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2018

    I'm that type of kid who hides from people. I like to cry in the shadows, and I sit away - alone and depressed. It's not good for my health, so I thought of doing something different by writing an inspirational poem to help me and hopefully many others who feel as I do. I have written many, many poems. Most of them are depressing and tragic. I will never get anywhere in life if I'm always depressed. I will only age faster and die before my time.

    Poem About Needing To Make A Change

    I used to be that girl,
    The one who hid in the shadows,
    The one who hid her face from others,
    The one who drowned in her tears.

    I thought that no one cared.
    I watched the other kids as they grouped up.
    I was always the outsider, the loner,
    But that was my choice.

    I chose to be alone.
    I chose to cry in the shadows.
    I chose to suffer.
    It was all me.

    I have to realize people aren't going to come to me
    They don't have to.
    I need to stop rejecting people.
    I need to let them into my life.

    For one day I will grow old,
    And I might need people by my side.
    Life may be full of people,
    But life isn't going to bring people my way.

    I need to get out there and talk to them myself.
    Life is not going to wait for me to get out of my shell.
    It's my choice to open up while I'm still young and youthful
    Or when I'm old and on my death bed.

    Time ticks by.
    It will never wait.
    That's why it's good to make your choice
    Before it's too late.

    For life is short,
    And tomorrow is never promised,
    So take that chance to make a friend
    Just in case you don't make it to see another day.

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    I had a similar childhood in which many rejected my company. As I grew up, I identified my skills and I could draw the attention of others. My teachers were helpful in this regard. I feel...

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  5. 3. Change

    • By Alexus Craven
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017

    I am a 15-year-old girl writing about change.

    The Struggle To Become A Better Person

    I tried so hard to be your perfect child,
    but in your eyes I turned out wild.
    Yeah, sometimes I did lie,
    but Mom, I really did try,
    and I'm still trying to change to this day.
    Trying to change my horrible ways,
    trying to be a better sister and daughter,
    but problems just flow like water.
    My eyes are burning from the tears.
    Just look what happened to our relationship over the years,
    but now I will try if you do too,
    'cause Mommy, I'm trying to change for you.

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  6. 4. Daisies

    • By Mia Bledsoe
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    I live in Texas and am in the 8th grade. This is only the second poem I've ever written.

    Poem About Middle School And Change

    When I see daisies,
    Memories I recall
    Of a game I learned when
    I was oh so small.

    Plucking each petal one at a time.
    He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me,
    I sang every line.

    Happy, carefree in the midday sun.
    I felt engulfed in a world of joyous love,
    Falling asleep when the day was done.

    The world has changed,
    And so have I.
    As a teenager, I have become
    Somewhat shy.

    I wish I could wrap myself in a silk cocoon
    And escape this middle school drama
    Until early June.

    Emerge a butterfly into the summer sun,
    I would fly to the daisies
    And have fun, fun, fun.

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    I really liked the poem. It really throws you back to childhood. Makes me remember when I was smaller. Your writing transmits feelings of melancholy and nostalgia so well. Wishing to go back...

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  7. 5. At Last.. Happiness

    • By Bryttani Howard
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    Life was rough and still is but I'm getting through it. I've been doing stupid stuff since I was 9 years old. It's about time I stop.

    Popping pills all the time,
    Even though I know it's not right,
    Cutting deep into my skin,
    Gripping my blade tight.

    Always trying to look my best,
    When I actually look my worst.
    I thought alcohol
    would refresh my thirst.

    I planned to have kids when I got older,
    I want good things to tell.
    But why I would I tell my children,
    that all I wanted was to go to hell?

    I had too many problems.
    physically abused and bashed.
    my arms, wrists, and legs,
    had been both bruised and gashed.

    I thought of myself,
    As a strong Girl.
    I wasn't strong at all..
    Than I hit reality and realized life was real.

    I had decided to stop,
    and do what's right to get my life on track.
    I realized so much had been wasted
    and I needed to change because I could never take it back.

    I'm a better person now.
    I'm about to turn 16.
    I can't believe how stupid and young I was,
    and how I was so keen.

    All the drugs and the alcohol,
    the cutting and pain.
    Have all disappeared,
    now I'm one step ahead in this game.

    I'm finally happy.

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  8. 6. Was I Just An Accident?

    • By Sophie F
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    This poem is about a time in my life when I was being blamed for things that I never did and when I had a hate for my parents for leaving me.

    Poem About Contemplating Existence

    I didn't ask to be born.
    It just happened.
    I wasn't planned,
    I was almost abandoned.

    Was I meant to be?
    Or not meant to be?
    Was I just an accident?

    I shouldn't be contemplating these things,
    But I can't help it.

    These doubtful thoughts rush through my head
    When all I want
    Is to go to bed.
    It's the only place I can rest
    Where I'm not treated like a pest.

    No one notices that I am trapped inside:
    Screaming, yet no one hears,
    Where I have lost all of my pride,
    Hiding behind a smile and 16 years.

    Destroyed by man's words,
    As each tear falls,
    My heart breaks into thirds.

    I build up my walls.
    I try to stay positive,
    Ignoring the fear that calls and calls.

    It doesn't last long;
    It never does.
    I make a mistake;
    This makes everything wrong.

    I didn't ask to be born,
    But now I have to pay.
    You yell and scream;
    I always listen to what you say.
    Is it too much to ask that you do the same?

    You blame me for things I've never done.
    You always comment
    I'll turn out just like my mum.

    But I'll never turn out like her.
    She's never around,
    She's never here,
    She's just a blur.
    Does she even care?

    You make assumptions that are never true.
    You don't understand.

    What have I ever done to you?

    Everything around turns to grey
    As colour slowly fades away.
    I stand there with a necklace made of rope,
    Wondering if there will ever be hope

    But I always seem to stop at that step.
    I convince myself it'll be alright.
    I know I will never be the world rep for always being right.

    I wish that I could make up my mind,
    But there is something holding me back,
    As if I've been entwined,
    Marked and defined.

    I look outside and see the trees,
    The birds flying with the breeze.

    Why can't life be like that?
    Not so hard,
    Somewhere you don't fall flat.

    I try to fight back tears,
    Trying to find a reason for all these years.

    I feel like I'm all alone,

    But God looked down from heaven's gates
    And saved me from those terrible fates.

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    This poem just hit me. I never lost my mom, but in a way I did lose my dad. He’s never around, and when he does come around he doesn’t acknowledge that I’m there. He spends all the time with...

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  9. 7. Out With The Old And In With The New

    • By Shannon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

    My poem is about how I used to make bad choices in life. I have done 8 months in a youth residential facility and I have made a big change in my life. At 14 years old, I was bunking, self-harming, drinking and just not caring. I blocked out my family and hung out with bad influences. I hope my poem inspires you.

    Poem About Finding The Real You

    I blocked out happy and I blocked out sad.
    People told me to open my eyes and see what I could've had.
    As it spun and as it twirled,
    Round and round went my misunderstood world.
    Play, pause, stop, and rewind,
    I wanted to leave my life behind.

    With a "KEEP OUT!" sign for my future and a haunting past,
    With the way I was going, I would never last.
    I got depressed and I lost control,
    I didn't think of the consequences, I let my emotions go.
    Violence and hate flushed through my brain,
    No happy, no normal, just never-ending pain.

    I looked through the red, wet track marks across my once pure arms,
    People judged and stared at the girl who self-harms.
    You can't feel my pain, and you can't read my mind,
    Think about what I'm saying; I said, "I was fine."

    I was vulnerable and lonely, a very easy target.
    Now I am strong willed, confident, and kind hearted.
    So out with the old and in with the new.
    Find the lost person; that is the real you.

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  10. 8. Isabella

    • By Katie Bambrough
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    This poem was written during a dark time I went through. I came out the other side with something so valuable, words cannot describe. I found God in my struggles.

    Poem About Getting Through A Dark Time

    Feeling lonely,
    Sleepless nights,
    Being scared,
    Repeating fights.

    Crying tears,
    Fake pain,
    Guilty conscience,
    Just a game.

    Keeping secrets,
    Telling lies,
    Being caught,
    Life dies.

    In denial,
    Completely lost,
    A bad addiction,
    Harmful cost.

    Forever scarred,
    Trust betrayed,
    Emotions hurt,
    Never to fade.

    Speaking out,
    Admitting what's real,
    Being honest,
    The truth to spill.

    Tired of hiding,
    Shaking fear,
    Uncertain future,
    Help is near.

    Ashamed and frightened,
    Never again,
    Revisiting past,
    Haunting friend.

    A final promise,
    I want to keep,
    Unwanted desire,
    Habits to beat.

    Held responsible,
    Lost career,
    Worthless risk,
    A greater fear.

    Left betrayed,
    Feeling crushed,
    Right decision,
    Quickly rushed.

    A different path,
    Bright light,
    New beginning,
    Grabbing tight.

    A way to turn,
    Things to see,
    A place to go,
    God found me.

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  11. 9. Clean Of My Emptiness

    • By Emily
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

    This is the first poem I've ever written. I wrote this back when I was serious about running away. I did try and run away, but I only got to the highway. I got scared and hitchhiked back home. I was depressed for days and 8 months later, am still depressed. Spontaneous writing things like this help put at least a few of my feelings into perspective. I talked about resurfacing in this and instead of running away to do it, I've decided to immerse myself in the Lord instead. Good choice so far I think.

    Off to the emptiness
    where I am widely invited.
    I do hope loneliness
    will consume my soul.

    Away the hurt will go.
    No more aches because
    the dulling numbness,
    will take away my feel.

    Stretching long and far
    is my path,
    leading to a place
    hoarding the lowest of lows.

    One more companion
    to guide my way.
    I do hope
    He doesn't shun my choice.

    Crawling through the years,
    peaking upwards
    through the vents,
    I see the world as it is.

    To people pay no attention
    the reflection I see.
    Only showing dirt,
    hopelessness, and debris.

    Alas they only see
    what is shown to them.
    No second glance
    of reconsideration.

    Warmth and comfort,
    turn to foreign concepts.
    Taking their place,
    hurt and sorrow.

    What will become
    of my murky reflection,
    Tainted? Stained?

    Would it be easier,
    to just accept?
    Skip the pain
    right to the killing.

    Tear off the leftover shreds
    of my feelings.
    Plunge into darkness,
    hopefully to resurface,

    Clean of my emptiness.

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  12. 10. I'm Stuck!

    • By Nicole Reynoso
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2010

    This is a poem that I wrote when I got into the real world. When I turned thirteen I realized that things had changed and nothing was the same like it was when I was 8 or 9

    Stuck in a world where everything has gone wrong.
    Nothing is going my way anymore
    New twists and turns have been made on that road I thought I had in control
    Nothing is the same
    Friends and family say that they notice a change in me
    What change? I cannot say
    Whatever happened to everyone rooting and cheering me on?
    Now everyone has turned around and talked about me saying mean stuff
    Now I'm desperately searching for a way out of this world.
    But the thing is I end running in circles
    I had the map of a perfect world.
    But someone stole it now
    I want my life back and my map too.
    But I can't get it back now

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  13. 11. Life Changing Experiences

    • By Cassandra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2012

    I've had quite a rough life, my father never here, my mother always working. I turned to drugs and felt good. But then, I moved across the state by my aunt with my mom, to get away and start over. I stopped the drugs and turned to god. The poem pretty much describes it.

    You always see me smiling,
    But on the inside I'm really crying.
    Nobody knows me,
    Nobody understands me.
    I've never had anybody to talk to.
    My dad was never here,
    My mom was always working,
    None of my friends wanted to talk about feelings,
    Then I turned to drugs,
    I felt like they were the only thing that would understand me.
    They took over my life.
    Every day, all day, before school, even during school, and after school.
    I said goodbye to my family and old friends.
    I had no more feelings,
    I just didn't care anymore.
    Everything seemed so great, only because I was hiding my feelings behind the drugs. They controlled everything, my feelings, thoughts, and body.
    It was the scariest thing ever, I just didn't know what to do.
    Then I moved away from my family and so called friends.
    I finally sobered up.
    It was the best feeling ever.
    I turned to the best person ever, Jesus.
    I stopped living life for myself & started living for him.
    Ever since I've made that choice I've rose to the top.
    I can face my feelings and I'm a stronger person,
    I'm not afraid anymore.
    My family finally loves me and is here for me again.
    I love this feeling,
    I love the new me.

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  14. 12. A Rose In The Moon

    • By Kayla L. Haggard
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    A poem about my personal change from being a very depressed and lonely girl and changing into someone who is happy. I am the rose that dies and becomes a new one.

    Change From Depressed To Happy

    Amongst the midnight sky,
    I stare at a rose as it dies.

    Its pedals are torn and bruised,
    such a precious thing to lose.

    Yet, when I stare into the full moon,
    I see that it will be daytime soon.

    When I hear a girl's sorrowful cries,
    I know that a new rose began to arise.

    Those pedals are lush and red,
    nowhere close to being dead.

    And as I find her inside my heart,
    I know that I am not falling apart.

    I finally realize who I really am,
    it definitely took some time but, damn.

    It was all worth it in the end.

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  15. 13. My Drug Change

    • By Trey Micheal Young
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    I'm a 13 year old boy with no family to count on. I raised my self and was brought up on weed and dope. The only way to make money was drugs but I was tired. At 10 years old a foster child trying to make it. I went back to the doing drugs when I was 11 I got shot and never went back I just thank god that I'm alive.

    It's a whole new day
    the past is gone
    mistakes are mistakes
    let's move along

    Changes will come
    at least I hope
    no more drama to live with
    no more weed or dope

    I'm no longer no one
    I put my drugs aside
    my life as changed
    I gained my pride

    I can walk down the street
    feeling good about me
    I'm prouder ever
    thank God I'm free.

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    This poem was good. It made me think of myself.

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  16. 14. Change No More

    • By Blythe Carman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I wrote this poem to express my feelings of how fast things have changed lately. Earlier in the year I was cutting and then found a better way to express my feelings...writing poems. I have written many poems and want to see how this does before I post anymore. So here ya go...

    A happy little baby
    In mommy's comforting arms
    Sleeping sound and peaceful
    Until the day is gone
    Next thing you know
    I'm all grown
    Riding a bike all on my own
    Going to school
    Making friends
    Falling in love...
    Parents divorced
    Moving away
    Heart broken
    Things are changing
    I want it to be...
    Like it used to be
    Not crying all the time...
    Now I wake up to find
    Marks on my arms
    They burn
    But the pain is gone
    My eyes fill with tears
    As I scream
    GO AWAY!
    I don't want this pain
    I don't want this change
    Why can't it all be over?
    No more hurt...
    No more pain...

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    I'm so glad I could help you (: <3

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