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Poems about Strong Feelings for Someone

Falling in love is a feeling unlike any other emotion you will ever feel. It makes you feel completely alive and utterly happy. At the same time, it can make you feel detached from the rest of the world, like everything around you is momentary and nothing else matters except that special person. In fact, thoughts of that person are likely to be the only thoughts that fill your mind, giving you a beautiful sensation that thrills your heart. When it happens, you will find yourself unafraid of getting hurt, willing to risk it all. It is a most wonderful feeling.

Poems for Teenagers that are Falling in Love


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  1. In Love With You

    You're always in my thoughts.
    You're always in my dreams,
    And so a life without you would
    Just tear away at the seams.

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    I was with this guy last year and everything was amazing. It all started when we were in the same class and I made a joke relating something to Johnny Appleseed. For months after that, we got...

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  3. I Love You So....

    I think about you all the time.
    You're always in my head.
    I reread every text you send
    And remember what you said.

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    I really love your poem. It just reminded me of how I feel about a special person. Even though I know I hurt her, I'm just trying my best just to say sorry. I know she loves poems, so all the...

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  4. I Fell So Deep

    • By Alisha
    • Published: June 2009
    Poem About Still Loving Him

    Although I speak about you so much
    Although everyone can see it
    I would never admit it
    Admit how I feel...

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    I've always lived by the thought of if you want something, live for it and fight for it. If the man you are madly in love with doesn't feel the same for you, then let it take its time. Love...

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  6. Torture

    • By Shannon Buchanan
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About Constantly Thinking About A Crush

    Thinking of you
    Day and night.
    You're in my dreams
    Even though I'm not asleep.

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    It was Sunday evening and I joined the last mass for the day. And at that time, my eyes caught him. I don't know why or how I started to think of him and why all of a sudden, I keep on...

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  7. Boy, You Leave Me Breathless

    • By Mackenzie
    • Published: March 2011

    I fall harder and harder each day,
    by every single word you say.

    You're one of a kind, ...

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    In this poem I honestly could relate to everything. I've been talking to this boy and it will be 2 months on June 6th. We haven't said I love you directly, but I know he loves me and I love...

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  8. Hidden Feelings

    • By Matthew Murphy
    • Published: June 2009

    Hiding the feelings that grow stronger
    the time that we are apart feels even longer
    the clock ticks and the cold breeze flows
    as for me I know where my heart glows ...

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    I believe that this could be a spark of love.I also believe that he is allowed to love whom he wishes.When a young mind grasps something they never thought they would find,they tend...

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  10. Love's A Game

    • By Alfie Evans
    • Published: July 2011

    She wants a man
    I can be that man
    I will treat her right
    as right as a shooting star ...

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    I like reading these to my girlfriend :)

  11. I Watch Him From Afar

    I watch him from afar
    At lunch we walk, separated by a bar
    You don't know how much my eyes follow you
    I know you can't tell but what I say is true...

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    The feeling is mutual as it goes the same way as mine. I know it's kinda weird, but I have this feeling that he also watches over me. But then again, I'm not gonna expect too much as this...

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  12. The Thought Of You

    If only I knew what my heart could do
    I never would have fallen for you
    I stare at my ceiling
    Trying to keep that feeling...

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    this is exactly how I feel about one of the guys I played football with being the only girl on a team full of guys was hard but he helped me see it didn't matter whether I was a girl or a guy...

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  13. The Cure

    Poem About Being Inspired By Another


    Your beauty overwhelmed me
    Your face was gentle, your smile sweet
    Your voice was soft, it was hard to hear
    So come a little closer and whisper in my ear.

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