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Falling in love is a feeling unlike any other emotion you will ever feel. It makes you feel completely alive and utterly happy. At the same time, it can make you feel detached from the rest of the world, like everything around you is momentary and nothing else matters except that special person. In fact, thoughts of that person are likely to be the only thoughts that fill your mind, giving you a beautiful sensation that thrills your heart. When it happens, you will find yourself unafraid of getting hurt, willing to risk it all. It is a most wonderful feeling.


True Love...

Poem About Looking For Love

You hear of true love
In movies and books
But not based on
Popularity or looks.

I've searched every corner
Deep in my mind.
But this one little thing
I just could not find.

For it was not in my head
But deep in my heart.
Looking for this
Completely tore me apart.

Then one day I found it
This thing we call love.
It's something wonderful
Sent from above.

We stared at each other
As our faces turned red
Yet nothing was spoken
Nothing was said.

No words were needed
Because our hearts said it all.
We'd be together forever
For in love we did fall.



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Wow, this is awesome. I congratulate the poet on her dedicated work. It is a heart touching poem.

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