Abuse Poem by Teens

Poem About Physical Abuse From A Friend

This poem is NOT ABOUT CHILD ABUSE FROM PARENTS. Some of you might mistake it as that, but it's not. I wrote this about my best friend who's much stronger than me, and we're both kind of in different social groups. He playfully hits me but really hard. And it hurts a lot. He's really nice to me when it's just me and him, but sometimes he can be a little violent. But every time, I keep forgiving him when I probably shouldn't.

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Your Abuse

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015 with permission of the Author.

Fragile, breakable,
These things you know.
And you still scream and hit.
And the punches you throw,
They sting and cut deep,
Until my faith in you is gone.
You had said you wouldn't hurt me,
But I still want to run.
Run. Run away.
Away from this pain.
Away from the lies
And all these stupid games.
I'm sick of playing them.
I want to know for sure.
You only treat me well
Behind closed doors.
You never hold back,
You unleash, and it hurts.
You're nice and you're sweet,
And then you treat me like dirt.
It doesn't make you tough,
Or even remotely cool.
It makes you look like a jerk
And a fool.
I make mistakes,
And that hurts enough,
Without your violence
And you beating me up.
How cruel it is
To duff up the meek,
And how pathetic it is
To beat up the weak.
You keep reassuring me
That everything is fine,
But I know you don't mean it
Because you said that the last time.
Your abuse is unforgivable,
But I keep crawling back.
You beg for my forgiveness,
And I do with obvious
Lack of better judgment,
Because if I could hate you, I would.
But I guess I'm too dumb
To do what I should.

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