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Abusive Home

Just something to let people know that not everything is OK. Not everything a kid tells you is a lie. I'm 13 and I just got out of an abusive home. Everybody thought I was lying. I finally got someone to believe me and get me out of there. This is a poem to my mother, WHO MADE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL FOR 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!

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Reading this was hard, simply because I have been in an abusive home for 7 years. I skipped my senior year and went straight to college. I still wake up crying, and my roommate is still...

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Under Attack


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

Slap in the face
Thrown against the wall
Beaten senseless
Did it help you at all?

Did it help with your pain
Did it make him come back
Did you ever wonder how it felt
To always be under attack?

So I just sit in my room
And I look at the ceiling
Afraid to tell anyone
what I'm feeling

Please help me
I can't take anymore
Suicide failed
And no body's there

Just walk away
that's what you always do
you don't care
what you put me through

It's all over now
And you want me back??
I can't just go back now
I'm no longer under attack

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  • Jo Morris by Jo Morris
  • 4 years ago

Reading this was hard, simply because I have been in an abusive home for 7 years. I skipped my senior year and went straight to college. I still wake up crying, and my roommate is still scared that something's going to happen. I never thought that I would suffer as much as I did. I never thought that I wouldn't be able to sit down in class. I never thought that I would starve. I never thought that I would be as scared as I was, as I am to this day. Even though I'm not getting beaten and starved, it still scares me. I really loved this poem. It opened my eyes to see how under attack we, as victims of child abuse, are. We are lucky enough to get out of situations like that.

  • Alexandra by Alexandra, Uk
  • 10 years ago

I went through abuse 90% of my life. I'm 14 now, and up until I was 11 I was abused by my father, it wasn't just me, it was my sisters and mum as well, even though I was the most 'loved' by him because I looked like him the most, it didn't stop him... his mum used to aggravate him then leave to make us deal with it... the one memory that scars me the most is when he fought with my mother when I was 5 me and my older sister ran upstairs hoping he wouldn't come after us, when we heard footsteps we only knew fear, but when I saw my mum from underneath our beds with her own blood on her face, I knew everything about that man I call my father- and he was and still is evil. I haven't seen him for 3 years, but what he did to me and my family will leave scars that no-one will be able to heal, I don't let anyone close, I don't trust anyone, I'm insecure about everything, and I mostly feel unloved and unwanted, I know what you're going through.

  • Katie by Katie, North Carolina
  • 11 years ago

When I was a little girl I was sexually abused. I am 16 now and I do not let anybody in that says they love me. The people that hurt me have scarred me for life and I don't want this to happen to others. People need to know somebody cares about you. You just have to find out who is the right one.

Just a little girl terrified nothing more to see. 
The little girl may look strong but she just lost her identity
Her life was full of grace,
Nothing out of place
Then that hateful day,
Took her childhood away
She learned to fight
And not be scared of night
She learned to be strong so it didn't last as long
She fought the tears of the terrible fears
She blocked her mind and tried to leave it behind
It followed her day and night 
Only giving her the terrible sight
She tried not to be frail 
To no avail
She started a rebellion, 
Riding upon a stallion
When you look to the eyes,
You see they are in the skies 
She hopes you don't try to find, 
What's left of her frail little mind
She's running out of time! 
Run quick or she'll commit the crime. 
She may be small, but when you find her,
The cuts say all. 

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