Poem about Teen Life

Struggle With Life Poem

This poem is about how some people struggle with life. I struggle a lot because of stress and fear. Sometimes I feel like I am falling.

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Angels Falling


Published: March 2013

Filled with sorrow she stands,
Icy tears fall from pain-filled eyes and drops in the sand,
She puts on that painted smile,
She is there, but her mind is away miles,

Sucked back in recent past,
She wonders why couldn't she just work things out and make their love last,
She knew he was to good too be true,
Laughing grimly she watched as her world turned to swirling shades of red, black and blue,

Torn from the inside out,
The young naive girl tried to figure what true love was all about,
Been balancing on the edge she is now falling,
From the dark a familiar voice was calling,

His voice invades her head,
Persist is the voice she decides to ignore him instead,
Blackened wings sprout from her back,
Instead of flying her high and saving her they allow her to fall and relax,

Plunging her deeper and deeper only stopping when she hears a faint sound of a bell,
Fallen and broken she lays in front of the gates of Hell


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