Adoption Poem

Poem Of Gratitude Toward Biological Mother

I was born to a young, abused, depressed mother. She was married to a very controlling, abusive, criminal and raging alcoholic. I was the youngest of three daughters. My oldest sister was kept by our biological mother, and my middle sister and I were given up for adoption. We were separated as babies, yet after 32 years of living completely separate, individual lives, God saw fit to reunite us all and begin the healing process.

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Published: February 2015

I may not be the one chosen to stay,
I may always be the one that you gave away.
But under your heart, I grew and I grew,
All I ever wanted to be was a blessing to you.

But deep in my soul, I always knew,
That your love for me would forever hold true.
Life is tough and sometimes unfair,
If only I could erase the pain that you bear.

Despite all of your pain and strife,
You still managed to give me an amazing life. 
And for this gift, I could never repay you,
I thank God each day for the strength that He gave you,                               
The courage to be my mother who provided for me,     
A very loving and supporting Christian family.

I am the woman I am today,
Because of the special and important role that you played.
So I thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
No longer, I pray, will we be apart.


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