Abuse Poem

This is a poem I wrote about my father, who sexually and physically abused me for the first 9 years of my life.
To this day, he has never served time for his crimes.

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Daddys Little Girl


Published: December 2010

I though I was his princess,
His baby girl.

First came the fist,
Later it was frying pans,
Once even a baseball bat.

I started to believe this is how daddy's show love,
Because I was still daddy's girl.

I knew I wasn't alone,
My brother and sister were victim's to.

I thought I could take the hits,
It's not so bad.
He still loves me, his baby girl

One night daddy came home,
He was drunk.
Brother tried to hide me and sister.

His efforts were pointless,
Daddy found me under the bed.

He said he was fed up,
It was time to pay up.

I remember I was six.
He took something I was to young to understand.
But I believed, it was daddy's love.

He said I was special, his little girl
Told me to keep this a secret.

Almost five years later,
I learn I'm not the only one with a secret,
Sister is one of daddy's victim's.

We cried all night,
Sister said its going to be alright.
Said we'd put up a fight.
....We never once won.

Three years go by,
Mummy left daddy,
Said he was a bad man.
Said he hurt mummy.

Turns out he hit mummy too.
Sister and I tell mummy our secret.
But as always, we lose our fight.
Daddy got away, took off in flight.

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