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This poem is for my father who is no longer part of mine and my younger brother's life due to drugs and violence. I wrote this just to show him I still love and miss him dearly.

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Daddy's Memory


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

Your memory is all I have left
of our good times through the years
you spent many years in and out of prison,
and losing you again was one of my biggest fears.
I thought the drugs were gone,
but you covered it with a lie
the pain from my heart goes to my eyes
and all I do is cry.
I'm angry at the choices you have made,
but I can't lie, I still love and miss you dearly.
The good times are blurred by the bad,
I hated our fights, I hated the tears, I hated the violence,
where is the man I shadowed those many years ago?
There are many things in this life I will never know.
I see the drugs have taken my daddy away,
and I'm not sure I can ever get him back,
but I just want you to know I still love you.
I try and erase you from my memory but it's not working...
Daddy, I miss you! Where did you go?
Please come back...I love you, I need you,
time is passing fast!
Don't you wanna watch me and Travis grow?


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  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 5 years ago

Excellent poem!

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