Father Child Poem

Dad's Long Life

A child imagines some of the feelings his dad has gone through in his long life. He imagines the struggles and frustrations his dad has gone through. He is happy that now that his father is retired, he can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

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Through The Eyes Of The Beholder


Published: February 2006

Life is a struggle,
when you are young.
So many battles to fight,
there are songs left unsung.

Marriage and children,
the work gets you by.
But sometimes you miss
the gleam in their eye.
Time passes by.
The years start to fly.
You tried to give love,
often without reply.
Before you knew it,
you were saying goodbye.
Loved ones move on,
without the bat of an eye.
You tried so hard
not to ask yourself, Why?
Just give up, don't try
no one cares, why should I.
All my efforts are met
with a critical sigh

Yet you kept on
through anger, and tears of despair.
The growing of belly,
the losing of hair.

You began a new stage
life gave you knew hope
My wife's learning to cope,
and my kids don't smoke dope

New friends, fresh faces,
magnets taking you places.

God is good, you've been blessed.
He cleaned up what was messed.
Your kids near, your wife dear.
We ALL passed through the test.

Listen to me, put down the solder.
Just as smoke rises
and embers they smolder.
The memories live,
yet our faith, it gets bolder.
This father I love,
more, as he grows older.
This was written for you,
through the eyes of the beholder.


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