Addiction Poem about Family

The poet vividly describes a close encounter with death. He experiences the ultimate "bad trip" and lives to tell the tale.

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The last time I OD'd, my mom found me. When I came out of my coma, I was told my mom overdosed.

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Drug Overdose


Published: October 2007

I saw death for the first time.
My life was decaying,
My body was cold and numb.
My head was taking me away from reality.
I saw a light; I walked towards it, hoping this nightmare would be over,
yet the nightmare I lived in was real and there was no way out.
My life was ending each step I took.
I thought about the good and bad times.
I thought about the people I love: friends, family, my mom.
I did not want to die, yet the body was full of dangerous chemicals.
My mouth was dry; I could not swallow the pain.
I could not breathe; my body was shaking, my head spinning into hell.
I couldn't move; my cries for help were useless, for I could not talk.
I was choking in my own sins; I was lying on the floor ready to die.
No tears came out of my eyes, no emotions were shown, for I was weak and helpless.
I was given aid by my angel; he had saved me once before and he would not let me die.
My dark angel, he stood by; he walked me out of the light back into my own body.
I was starting to gain control of the drug overdose and I fought death
I fought for my life, and I did win and I felt proud of waking up.
I woke up; the nightmare was over; I made it through, although I did not remember anything
With a nose and mouth full of blood, I woke up, my body weak from the pain,
and I was alive, and I regret having evil take control of me.


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  • Taylah Morgan by Taylah Morgan
  • 13 years ago

This is a great story. I am 15 and I have OD by accident. Thank God my mom had found me. I love this poem.
Thank you, (for the person that wrote this)

  • Brandon Winkles by Brandon Winkles
  • 5 years ago

The last time I OD'd, my mom found me. When I came out of my coma, I was told my mom overdosed.

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