Addiction Poem about Family

I am a recovering addict. I have come very close to death. I've also lost many loved ones to drug addiction. I am hoping this poem will help others to realize how severe an addiction can be.

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Addiction Took Another Soul


Published: December 2008

She puts it to her lips with ease,
just hurting deep inside.
Tried to hide the pain away,
to get that one last high.
She sees the lights over head,
one by one they pass,
going down an empty hall,
they're trying to save her fast.
She hears them say, oh no, we've failed,
we've lost another one.
This addiction took another soul,
it started out with fun.
Now her friends and family sit above her flower covered grave.
She floats above and cries to herself,
all I did was crave.
Now there's a hand reaching for me.
It's time to say goodbye.
This disease just got one more.
Promise me, don't cry.


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