Abuse Poem

A poem of the abuse I went through and the hatred I feel for not telling anyone for so long. Hope you like it xx

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Final Breathe

© more by Rebecca Edwards

Published: August 2008

I can't remember my name
I don't remember much at all
drowning in pitiful shame
trying to beat this final fall

seeking for some kind of key
the slightest glimpse of a spark
that will let me remember me
I can only see a future of dark

I see a hand come towards me
it strikes the side of my face
it is red and there for all to see
it goes on for days and days

I'm in the bedroom alone
when I hear a knock at the door
and he quickly crosses my zone
and I fall to my knees on the floor

this feeling inside me feels so real
my dark demented soul sensation
my heart is broken with no seal
I am trying to hold on without temptation

I'm seeing a world of butterflies
a loving home with lots of care
what can I do? I cannot see
this home is loving and fair

I don't want to walk alone
beckoned to this final stage
all worrying cares of life atone
inside all the iniquity and rage

beaconed to this empty room
unfolded by my brain
it seems to be one empty tomb
and it's driving me insane

no one can hear my pray
but I'm trying to put a smile on to stay
when you feel locked up with nowhere to hide
and you feel as if there's no one beside

when you feel as if you want to cry
and the days just aren't going by
you just want to disappear
and in your eye there's a glittering tear

when you feel as if everyone's talking about you
and you just don't know what to do
when your head just doesn't want to heal
the thing is this pain is just so real
and no one knows just how you feel

more by Rebecca Edwards

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