Addiction Poem about Family

Poem About Growing Up With An Alcoholic Father

This is a poem I wrote after looking back on growing up with an alcoholic father. All the stuff that happened when I was younger are memories I can never forget.

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this really describes my life with my father

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I Remember


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009 with permission of the Author.

I remember when the police came to our house.
You didn't want to go with them.

I remember when my mom wanted to leave.
You didn't want her to.

I remember when you had your stomach pumped.
You didn't want to stop.

I remember when you said you quit.
You didn't want us to know the truth.

I remember when Mom left town.
You didn't want us to know what you were buying at the store.

I remember finding you passed out on the porch.
You didn't think I realized what was going on.

I remember you saying you were done drinking.
You didn't mean that at all.

I remember hearing you were arrested for drunk driving.
You didn't think you would ever get caught.

I remember breaking down because I had thought you quit.
You didn't think it would hurt me so much.

I remember you apologizing for what you had done.
You didn't understand it didn't mean anything to me.

I remember you talking about everything like it's not a big deal.
You didn't know how it tore me up inside.


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  • Bailee by Bailee, AZ
  • 9 years ago

this really describes my life with my father

  • Megan by Megan, Canada
  • 12 years ago

After reading this, all I wanted to do was cry. You've touched me and I feel so sorry for you and everyone else who this has happened to. I just love this because it really hits home.... by the way how old are you when he started drinking and also when you made this poem... <3 :'(

  • tiffy by tiffy
  • 14 years ago

I follow you completely my dad was a drunk too. the memories aren't memories they're nightmares. I'm going to send this poem to my dad since he still doesn't see how bad this has effected me throughout my life

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