Bullying Poem

Don't Let A Bully Walk All Over You

I go by Rocky Soy because I used to get made fun of for the scar on my face. They would tease and taunt me every day. They would call me rock face, but I didn't let it get to me. I used it to my advantage. Everyone gets bullied at one point in their life, but you just can't let that person or people walk all over you. This poem is about a girl I was friends with for years, up until 8th grade.

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Hey! Hello?


Published: January 2017

I know I'm not the skinniest girl,
Definitely not the prettiest girl.

But I would like to see who said
That she was allowed to tread...

On me.

Hey! Hello? Can't you see
The way she tries to walk on me?

She struts around, feeling proud
Of the way she puts others down.

Hey! Hello? Can't you hear
The way she talks as if I can't hear?

Oh, how the boys smile as she walks their way,
As they think, "Too bad she couldn't stay."

Hey! Hello? Can't you feel
As I shudder whenever she comes near me?

Whenever, wherever her face may show,
I have flashbacks from long ago.
The way she smiled like we were best friends
But wasn't there in the end.

Hey! Hello? Can't you see
The way she tries to walk on me?

However scary it may seem,
I'll never let this bully

Tread on me.


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