Alcohol Addiction Poem

I Let You Drink and Drive

This poem expresses how I feel that the death of my friend was my fault and how I cannot seem to get that thought out of my head and how destroyed I am because of this.

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I Remember


Published: June 2011

I remember you crying out my name
begging for help again and again
I should never had said for you to come
now I see that choice was really dumb
I should never had let you drink and drive
then maybe you would have had a chance to survive
I should never told you to get out the car
I should never had told you to walk so far
when I called for help I should had called the cops
I'm so sorry but I was in shock
I remember drinking with you and you sticking the needle in your arm
but I should of remembered that when I said you could drive up to my farm
I remember getting woken up at four in the morning
so that the cops could listen to my story
my clouded judgment lead to yours
why you jumped in front of a moving van
and why your cell phone wasn't in your hand
when I promised I'd get help and call right back
nothing could have prepared me for that
and that phone call that ended a minute before your life
has haunted me since that sad sad night
but I guess something inside me needed me to say
that I loved you and in every single way
and now every day and every night
my regrets make me struggle and fight
with my mind and my heart
I am now that torn apart
because I remember what I should never had done
you could have been alive my love



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