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Killed Herself Because Her Dad Abused Her

Wow....its only been 2 days since, but my best friend Kristen, killed herself because of her dad abusing her...sad...

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Two years ago I lost one of my best friends to suicide, only two days after I had my first baby. It was the saddest and happiest time of my life. She was the only person I could talk to about...

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Published: September 2008

I understand:

I understand there are some problems with your life,
everything's changing around us,
and nothings the same.
I still don't understand or comprehend it,
anything that happened,
I still don't get it.
your life was turned around quickly.
you should have told someone what was going on now,
someone could of helped you,
we could of took you out of that house,
then you would of still been alive,
I still cant believe this happened, Hun,
your dads in jail,
along with your mom now.
and I hope you're living good up there.
I had to testify against your parents today.
I know why you killed yourself.
It's hard living with that type of family.
I know trust me,
they found out about those bruises on you,
they knew, they knew why you killed yourself.
they explained it to me today.
told me why, why you did so.
the day I found that out, is today,
I had to testify the same day at noon.
then I came home and wrote this, man,
I love you, I broke down,
crying on the stand,
I yelled out your parents today,
cussing soooo much,
they took me out of there,
told me it was ok,
and it was better for her,
I told them no it's not,
she was sooo young,
so much stuff she had to finish.
everyone knew how much she meant to me,
that you meant so much to me babe!
you were me best friend,
I wish I never would of lost you,
you were special to me,
one of a kind,
like someone I will never meet again.
I love you girlie!---
Samantha Bender to me very best friend RIP hun!

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  • Marlaina by Marlaina, Canada
  • 11 years ago

Two years ago I lost one of my best friends to suicide, only two days after I had my first baby. It was the saddest and happiest time of my life. She was the only person I could talk to about feeling alone and feeling like you don't really matter to anyone. When I would talk to her I wouldn't feel alone anymore, she'd tell me to feel better and that she knew exactly what I was talking about because she felt the same way. I moved away from my hometown where she still lived and I couldn't go to the funeral because my baby was born a month early. Now it feels lke she is still there and I haven't been able to grieve. To all of the people who feel like your alone and like your not important, you are important to somebody, your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, best friends, and other relatives. There are alot of people who feel exactly how you are feeling, you are never alone.

  • Erica by Erica
  • 11 years ago

awww wow well I lost my friend when her brother and father abused her and she couldn't take it and killed herself... never did I say anything to anyone of why she did it and now I know I should've said it.....

  • Lucy by Lucy
  • 11 years ago

wow. my friend is suicidal. I just hope it doesn't go this far...

  • Emily by Emily, USA
  • 11 years ago

I am so so sorry for you. I've lost someone very close to me, but like that I can't even imagine. You and your friend are both so strong. It's good you can get your thoughts out. And just remember, that your friend is now in Heaven doing everything she couldn't do on earth and the pain is gone. You'll heal in time.

  • Brittany by Brittany
  • 11 years ago

this poem really touched me because I used to have a best friend but she passed away to and that was because she went out with her boyfriend and they got into a car accident. I miss her sooooo much really I do. She was always there for me and I was always there for her even through the hardest things going on in our lives.....
she was like my sister really R.I.P. younger sister

  • Gina by Gina, New York
  • 12 years ago

Wow that is really sad its a good thing you wrote about it. If I knew you I would definitely hug you and make you feel better.

  • Greg by Greg
  • 12 years ago

Hey Sam...
I hope this wasn't true... If it was I want to pat you on your back. No hug your neck. I too had a friend, a guy friend. I was the last friend he saw. He didn't make it home that night. We talked and rode around for hours that evening. He told me. He begged me to go with him to the bar. So I understand...My heart goes out to you..

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