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A daughter searches desperately for her birth mother.

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Have you ever found her yet? Do you think my daughter will have these thoughts? I last saw her at age 7. She's about to be 9. My aunt adopted her and is keeping her from me. She's teasing me...

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Mother, Where Are You?


Published: February 2006

It's as if I have always known you;
I'm curious, do we look alike?
Do I have your smile, your eyes, your passion for life?
Do we talk the same way, walk the same way?
Do you long to hold me?
I long to hold you. Mother, where are you, I'm trying to find you.
There was love between you and my father, moonlight and magic, white sands with blue-green seas...nine months later you gave birth to me.
Moonlight and magic couldn't make him stay, now Mother, where are you?
You went away.
Long ago and not so far away,
people said it wasn't right to keep your baby when there wasn't a wedding ring.
Seems that's what happened to you and me.
Now I'm stuck here in this lonely world without you.
Days are long; I spend them looking for you.
Nights are spent dreaming of what could have been.
Oh, it would have been grand.
Mirrors flash back only uncertain reflections
Of not knowing who it is I really see.
Not your fault, it was the sign of the times.
How cruel this world can be-
You wanted a better life for us; for me
Did you not realize that there was enough love?
We could have made it.
We could have shown them all, no matter what the consequence.
There would have been no misery, no uncertainty, no sadness, no searching for a life that could have been.
Mother, where are you?
I'm trying to find you?!

Dedicated to Blanche Teresa Fowler Lane
My Mother gave me up for adoption in 1951
She named me Teresa Irene Lane



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  • by Emiya R. Birch
  • 1 year ago

My daughter was abused by her father's side of the family, and because no one knew how she got her injury she was removed from our care. It's crazy how the system works.

  • by Tiona Birch
  • 6 years ago

To my first born Emiya Johnson and my first son Kasir Birch. I'm writing this to tell you both that I love you with all my heart. I think of you both day and night, missing you everyday. Emiya you were taken away from me when you were 1 month old. Kasir you were 11 months. No I did not give you up and in fact I have been spending my fighting to get both you back, its going on 4 years. I won't give up you are my kids and I love you dear. Kasir our times were very special we had lots of fun times and Emiya you smile all the time. Emiya my rights are terminated with you but my heart is always with you. Kasir I'm trying to get you home I'm just writing this in case something goes wrong. Buy I pray that god will bring you both home so we can be a family. I love you my children.

  • by Valentina. Washington
  • 8 years ago

I'm adopted and I feel the same way! I want to know everything you want to know as a 16 year old petit girl from Kazan Russia I wanna know what happened. I mean abortions are free..yet my mom didn't get one..damn I love this!!!!

  • by Emiya R. Birch
  • 1 year ago

Have you ever found her yet? Do you think my daughter will have these thoughts? I last saw her at age 7. She's about to be 9. My aunt adopted her and is keeping her from me. She's teasing me by letting us see each other once or twice a year and then disappearing again for long time. Will she remember I was there?

  • by kristya
  • 9 years ago

I was adopted also and your right it does bring up a lot of unanswered questions.

  • by jackie
  • 10 years ago

Yes I had to give up three of my children and now their adoptive mother is giving me a hard time about this. I am looking for a poem to help the adoptive mother know that I am not trying to take her place in their hearts and to share them with me and their family. If that makes since to you...

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