Father Poem

My Dad Who Is A Fireman

A girl who loves her father her father, a fireman, a superman in her eyes. He's always been there for her and she hopes he always will be.

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My Father, My Hero


Published: February 2006

My life is full of joy and love when I'm with my daddy,
He treats me like a princess and he believes in me.
He's always there for me when I need him most,
He's thoughtful and kind;
Not like a ghost.

He doesn't scream, or shout, or yell,
He does nothing, that I cannot tell.
Although sometimes I do things wrong,
He's always there with arms so long.

He risks his life day by day,
For his job, has a special pay.
He fights the fires and saves the lives,
Using knowledge, water, and occasionally knives.

He lives his life like superman,
Helping others however he can.

When that tragic September, day, rolled around,
All he heard was the sound.
The sound of sirens, the sound of cries,
The country was calling all the eligible guys.

He didn't want to leave his life,
Although he had children, he had no wife.
He also had, friends so great,
That didn't want him to face his fate.

A couple years have passed since then,
Some will go to war, mostly the men.
I hope my daddy doesn't go,
Because then I will miss him, so.

And although he wasn't at Ground Zero,
He's still my friend, my daddy, and most of all my HERO.


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