Growing Up Poem

A parent who watches a child grow up has mixed feelings.

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My Little Boy Has A Girlfriend


Published: February 2006

My little boy has a girlfriend and I'm not sure what to think. She's beautiful ad charming, ivory and pink.
My tiny little baby boy not 8 whole pounds at birth, now stands 5-11 and very broad of girth.
To the other woman in my son's life, this much you should know, It doesn't really matter how much my son has grown.
The mustache and the earring, and the constantly wrinkled clothes, are just as much a part of him as the nose-ring in his nose.
You may think that you can change him and in that I wish you well, but believe me when I tell you, I kind of like the bluish hair.
He will always be my baby boy, no matter how tall he grows and I will always love him and I hope he will always know.
I long for the days of tonka toys and little matchbox cars, instead of racing mini-bikes and sultry movie stars.
But no matter where I go with this, it's quite easy for me to see, My little tiny baby boy, my son will always be.



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