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This is a poem about a boy who meets a mysterious stranger who gives him the ability to fly. this poem took me a day write. Enjoy!

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That was a good poem. I like it a lot. Good Job!

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The Legend Of Flying John

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Published: December 2009

Enter John Smit, your average kid,
Ordinary things is what he did;
He went to school, he played sports,
He climbed trees, he built forts.

He played video games, he watched TV,
He was a very ordinary kid, you see.
His room was always messy, too,
He was your average kid, like me and you.

But, oh, how his life would change,
A change that was something magical, something strange,
A change everybody wishes they had,
A change, many would argue, for the good, not bad.

It happened while he was biking home from school one day,
He was just minding his own business, riding his way,
When suddenly in front of him appeared a tall, thin man with messy hair,
Who appeared to be homeless, for dirty rags he did wear.

He smiled a toothless smile and looked straight at John,
"Allow me tu' intraduce' mu' self", he said, "My name is Don."
He held out his dirty hand for John to shake,
But John held back for his watch he feared he would take.

"Don't worry, son." Said Don with a grin,
"All I need is some money for gin."
"Get away from me," said John, "or I'll hit you with my bat!"
Don laughed heartily and said, "Are ya sure ya want tu' do that?"

Then John sped away on his green and blue bike,
"Come back, John, I have something I think you'll like!"
John turned around and said, "How do you know my name?"
"Ah," Said Don, "this question will drive ya' insane."

Now John was curious, and he said,
"Are you trying to mess with my head?"
"No," he said with a twinkle in his eye,



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  • Laura by Laura
  • 9 years ago

That was a good poem. I like it a lot. Good Job!

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