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Poem About Attempting Suicide

When I was 14 years old, I attempted suicide for the first time and I cut for a long time before that. I wrote the first part of this poem after the second time I attempted in February of 2014, at 15 years old. I was very close to successful, close enough for someone to reach out. And a few months later I stopped cutting and found hope in myself. I had found my small treasure of who I used to be, and I decided that this poem should grow with me. I present to you my poem, Try Again. -Carrington xx

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Try Again


Published: January 2015

She paints the perfect picture,
But her story has a twist.
It starts with the razor
That moves toward her wrist.

She hides the damage
From the world,
And as her burden closes in,
She puts on a smile for them.

She said it before,
She'll say it again,
"No one can hurt me
As much as I can."

She knows her game
Is coming toward the end.
Yet she gives death
Her stupid little grin.

She waits for him
To pull her in.
She has to win,
This has to end.

He knows her best,
She's been here before.
Yet he did not
Open the door.

He shakes his head,
Then says, "Try again."
Her troubles were much,
Her scars were there.

But let her story be told,
She did not stay there.
She took hold of her burdens.
They had to stray.

The marks of her past
Are still present, she's aware.
But no longer has she
Held death's stare.

Take it from the girl
Who was where you are now.
Take hold of your burden
It has to end.

You may not see it now,
But in the end,
Although you don't know when,
Never fear, you will win.



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