STOP Suicide Poems

STOP Suicide Poems

Poems about Suicide and Depression

When a family member commits suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of life's creatures. Even a blade of grass or flower fights for the privilege of life. When someone close to you voluntarily ends their lives, your entire value system is thrown into question. Family members may also be consumed with guilt, thinking that they somehow should have seen the signs that led to the individual's suicide. Group therapy with others who have experienced this trauma as well as individual therapy may be necessary to help cope.

60 Poems about Suicidal Depression

  1. 1. Became

    We all become "something" after we leave school, but what about the one who didn't make it past school?

    School Age Kids And Suicide

    He was the geeky kid, carrying all of his books,
    That became a scientist who found the cure for the disease that overtook.

    She was the quiet one, who was afraid no one would listen to what she had to say,
    Who is now the author that writes her words for thousands to read on a page.

    He was the naughty boy, whose antics were a cry for help,
    That became a cop because he knows how it felt.

    She was the nervous, anxious girl, who took on everyone's problems,
    That wanted to help others and became a psychologist with a doctorate.

    He was the kid that was always in a fight,
    Who became a lawyer that wants wrong turned right.

    He was the jock that was under pressure to win the game,
    Who became a pastor that tells people they are more than what others say.

    She was the quirky girl trying to break free from the mold,
    That became the fashion designer who is known for being bold.

    She was the mean girl with only ugly words to say,
    Who is now an advocate for other victims in pain.

    But he was the kid that faded into the background,
    The one who felt alone even when there was a crowd.

    The one who felt like he was gasping for air.
    Even though he was drowning; people were unaware.

    He was the one whose inner demon had a voice that was too loud,
    That told him there was no other way out.

    He's the kid I often think about,
    The one whose silence should have been a reverberating volume of sound.

    He is the one that we'll never know what he could have become,
    Because he was the kid who found the gun.

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  3. 2. If You Would Have Known

    I wrote this poem for my nephew who died by suicide at the age of 16. He was such a sweet kid and very talented. He taught himself how to play the piano and guitar and wrote a song at only 15 years of age. He left this world too soon.

    You Left Too Soon

    If you could have seen the devastation,
    shattered hearts you'd leave behind, 
    would you still have left this world that day?
    Would it have made you change your mind?

    If you'd known we'd cry so violently
    and struggle just to breathe,
    would that have made a difference?
    Would you still have chosen to leave?

    You left without a warning;
    you left without saying "goodbye."
    You left us with only questions.
    The most important one is "why?"

    Why did you believe
    you had to face this world alone?
    Why did you suffer silently?
    We would have helped if we had known. 

    How long had you been hurting
    before deciding you were done?
    I'm glad your pain has ended,
    but our pain has just begun. 

    So when you see us start to fall apart,
    when our pain is too much to bear,
    please take our hands and guide us;
    remind us that you're there.
    Help us hold on to the part of you;
    you left us with your song.
    Keep playing it in heaven.
    We'll write the words and sing along.

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    Thank you so much for sharing that with me! You are never alone! And you don't have fight life's battles by yourself. Reach out to someone, anyone! There are people ready and waiting by the...

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  5. 3. Jim

    My brother Jim - age 46 - took his own life 5 years ago and left our family devastated. As far as we are aware, this was due to financial problems. A death by suicide is a death that leaves so many unanswered questions and so much guilt. It is hard to comprehend and makes the grieving process so much harder. Too many young people are finding it harder to cope with the pressures of society. This poem is just my story. There are many, too many more stories that are sadly the same.

    Suicide Of Brother

    If I had reached out my hand,
    Would you have taken it that day?
    Could I have made you feel better?
    Could I have made you okay?
    Could I have pulled you away
    From the dark into light?
    Brought you right back to a safe place
    And just held you tight?

    Why didn't you shout louder?
    Why couldn't we hear?
    You were all alone that morning,
    All alone in your fear.
    I know we could have saved you
    If we had just seen
    You stuck in that pain and torment.
    How long had it been?

    Your burden you carried
    In an invisible case.
    You suffered in silence
    With a smile on your face.
    So many questions we have.
    So many words unspoken.
    Why didn't we know
    That your life was so broken?

    I miss you each day.
    I try to understand your choice.
    If I close my eyes, try hard,
    I can still hear your voice.
    I know you are free now,
    Free to fly high.
    I imagine I see you
    When I look up to the sky.

    I can't turn the clock back.
    I can't change time,
    But oh how I wish I could,
    Sweet brother of mine.
    I know you are still with us,
    Watching, keeping us safe,
    And one day we'll meet again
    In a heavenly place.

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    A year ago my best friend and boyfriend killed himself. The real ache lies beneath the fact that I probably knew what was the reason and could have prevented anything from happening had I not...

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  6. 4. Tears Of A Dead Man

    • By Vili P. Lahtinen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    I made this poem when I was deeply depressed to remind me of "good things" in my life and stop me from contemplating suicide. So far it has worked.

    Poem About Suicide And Regret

    The morning sky is colored red with blood.
    Meaning that someone died last night.
    I wonder why. This morning casts a foul mood.
    Something seems off today; this doesn't feel right.

    Was it me that died?

    I hear a presence, creeping closer and closer,
    Dead silent but clear as day.
    He appears before me pale as the moon.
    A melancholy look on his face, he speaks.

    Another one who just didn't see
    How good your life would have been.
    If just for a few years had you waited
    Before ending your life you so much hated.

    Look at what you had! Lost now forever.
    I can't see why you're so sad.
    You weren't alone, nor were you too bad
    of a person to seek a second chance.

    It's clear now I made a mistake unthinkable.
    Wasted my life with a knife.
    It seemed then so unbearable,
    But now I'm even more miserable.
    Last tears of a dying man.

    Another one who just didn't see
    How good his life would have been.
    If just for a few years had he waited
    Before ending his life he so much hated.

    It's clear now he made a mistake unthinkable.
    Wasted his life with a knife.
    It seemed then so unbearable,
    But now he's ever so miserable.
    Last tears of a dead man!

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  7. 5. It Is Over

    • By Cheryl Charette Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2016

    Our lives can change in an instant and sometimes beyond our understanding. These are random thoughts written the day before my brother's funeral in July 2010. We do not ask to be affected by suicide; it happens. My brother was 40 years old and my only sibling - we were very close. I am publishing this poem to dispel the stigma of something that many people don't discuss. My view of suicide has changed through this experience, especially for those who have mental illness. I hope somehow this poem brings comfort to anyone who is affected by something that seems so incomprehensible. You are not alone.

    Poem About Life Changing After Losing A Loved One


    It is quiet,
    So very quiet.
    I am left alone now.
    No longer to hear your voice
    It is very quiet.

    Snippets of memories flash before me,
    Like a kaleidoscope with multi-dimensional, brilliant colors.
    No rhyme or reason in their placement, yet when they fall into place,
    They form a beautiful pattern of colorful hues.

    I am transfixed.

    There are no answers as to why you are gone,
    But like the kaleidoscope, your brilliance left patterns on this earth
    For those of us left behind.

    It is what we do with your brilliance that matters - because you matter.

    And as the randomness of the colorful images takes shape,
    The transformation of the images becomes something beautiful.
    I can reflect in the quiet of the moment - nothing left to say,
    For I believe in my heart there is only peace.

    It is so quiet,
    So very...very quiet.

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  8. 6. Save A Life

    • By Emily Tekavec
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2016

    I wrote this poem when I had a friend who wanted to leave this world. I didn't know how to help him by talking to him, so I wrote him this poem. I wrote it 2 years ago, and still to this day he reads it and always thanks me for it. Maybe this can help one of your friends, as it did mine.

    Poem About Stopping A Friend From Suicide

    You come to me crying, saying it's done,
    That life is pointless, I shouldn't have one.

    I tell you to stop, I beg and I plead.
    You say the knife is your friend, it wants you to bleed.

    But everyone here wants you to stay.
    I'm crying, I'm shaking, please don't go away.

    Life means so much; you just haven't found out.
    So forget who planted that seed of doubt.

    And as your knives and guns disappear,
    Still know that I'll always be here.

    I know what it's like, I've been through it all,
    So hang on tight, I'm not gonna let you fall.

    Reach for my hand, 'cause it's held out for you.
    My shoulders are small, but you can cry on them too.

    If you leave, you'll be missed by many,
    Especially me, and I will not forget any

    Of the moments we had, laughs we shared,
    The times we needed each other when we were scared.

    The world wouldn't be better if you left, but worse,
    And so now it's time for me to reverse this curse.

    I'll teach you how to save a life,
    So unlike many, it won't have to end in strife.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is the poem my friend sent me when I was debating taking my life. This poem saved my life, literally. Thank you!

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  9. 7. Stay With Me

    When life gets too hard, and existence itself seems endurable, why should anyone hang on? When you reach the point where even the thought of the people you're leaving behind can't stop you, it is impossible to look back, to see the light in the world. I have a friend who has reached this point many times and attempted to take her own life on multiple occasions. There is so much I wish I could say to her. So much. I know it might not make a difference, but it helps me to know I tried.

    Poem About Begging Someone Not To End Their Life

    How can I tell you
    How can I say

    What you'll miss
    If you throw it all away

    How can I warn you
    How can I show

    This is not the end
    Don't let go

    How can I make you understand
    How can I make you see

    You still have a life
    You have a choice, listen to me

    Let me explain
    Let me plead my case

    You life is worth the world
    You can't be replaced

    Don't do it
    Don't make this choice

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    My story is a sad one, as are many of the ones you have to deal with. It's about the loss of my youngest son, who took his own life on August 23, 2020...the day after his 30th birthday. He...

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  10. 8. Zach's Poem

    • By Morgan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    On August 26, I lost a close friend, and I wrote this poem to let out some of the emotions.

    Regret About Not Stopping Friend From Committing Suicide

    I wish that I could talk to you,
    and beg you not to go.
    I wish I asked what you were going through,
    but now I'll never know.

    I wish that I had some warning
    of what you'd do that night,
    and that you'd given me a chance to save you,
    to help you make things right.

    I wish that you could've soldiered on,
    and worked through the pain.
    If you had, I promise you,
    you would've been happy one day.

    I wish that the last time I saw you
    I didn't rush away.
    I wish that I had hugged you harder,
    and told you I loved you that day.

    I wish that I could bring you back
    to see you one last time,
    to hug you close, to hear your voice,
    and then the world would be fine.

    But all these things can't ever happen,
    the nightmares are all about you.
    There's not one thing I can change,
    because these wishes will never come true.

    Regret About Not Stopping Friend From Committing Suicide, Zach's Poem

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    My brother died on the 20th of August 2017. He hung himself. He had attempted to kill himself 2 times before that. This was the 3rd attempt. I miss him so much and wish I had responded to the...

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  11. 9. A Friend Can Save A Life

    • By Paige Bryant
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    I've lost people in my life because of suicide. The more I think about it, the more I think it's partially my fault for not being a good friend when they needed one.

    Poem About A Friend Making A Difference

    That girl's heart aches,
    Her smile is fake.
    The cuts sting,
    Her phone rings.
    She ignores
    And thinks life's a bore.
    But she doesn't know
    There are people who care.
    She doesn't know
    That they've always been there.
    She's tired of being joked at school.
    She's tired of being called a fool.
    She's ready to pull out the knife,
    Ready to end her life.
    There she sits alone crying,
    Wondering about if she were dying.
    "Would they even notice I was gone?"
    Or would they just carry on?"
    As she lures the knife,
    She hears a strange sound.
    She hides the blade
    As her heart pounds.
    She walks out the door.
    There's her best friend
    Trying to get in.
    As her friend cried, she heard her say,
    "Thank God you're okay!"


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    My BEST FRIEND FOREVER is in the exact situation but I can't knock at her door as she's miles away... her mum kicked her out of her own house, so my best friend is living with her aunt and...

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  12. 10. My Best Friend Patrick

    • By Crystal Armstrong
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    19 is too young for a best friend to die. It leaves me wondering why he did it, why he never said a word. He never left a note. My older brother, Branden, found him. His life long friend. Hanging in his closet. I can only imagine how he feels. He never cried once. I think he is still in shock, or maybe he just breaks down alone like me. I think about Patrick every single day, and what everyone would be like if he were still here today.

    You thought of all of your problems
    Then you thought of your pain
    This went on for years and years
    Eventually you went insane.
    Sunk into a deep depression
    You never failed to hide.
    Fake smiles made us think you were okay.
    Fake laughs to erase our doubt.
    You were dying inside and couldn't find a way out.
    One last goodbye, to your best friend,
    your sisters, your mother.
    For it was the end.
    Walked up to your bedroom, feeling 20 feet tall.
    You took the tie, put it around your door,
    Then ended it all.
    My big brother found you,
    cold and without breath.
    I remember my Mom getting the call.
    Big brother came home, tears on his face.
    Went into his room and just stared at the wall.
    We couldn't believe it.
    You were a son, a brother, and a loving friend.
    19 was too early for it to end.
    I don't remember if I even got to say goodbye.
    But I hope you know I love you, I wish I could see your happy face.
    The years have gone by, and I try to remember such little things.
    Your smile, the way you talked, all the jokes we had.
    I write down memories of those happy times, when we were all together.
    I know that I will never get to see you again.
    But even though you're gone now,
    You will always stay in our hearts,
    My best friend.

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  13. 11. I Gave Up Life Because Of Your Game

    • By Beci
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013

    I wrote this poem because there are times I want to leave this world because at times I find it heartless. During my life I have had many challenges, I had a person in life that would torment me and abuse me thinking it was all a game and I have been close to ending my life because of this person, but what has kept me going was the person I love the most in life, if I were to commit suicide I would make sure I leave a letter saying how much I truly love him.

    Life is life
    life I behold
    I'm giving up
    So I have been told
    By the monster in my head
    It talks to me
    As I lay cold in bed

    Music pounds my ears
    Screams are all I hear
    It's time to give up
    This day I have not feared
    Looking down I see the cuts on my wrist
    "I'm emo" they say, I am ashamed of this

    I grab paper and pen
    I'll write my feelings for you, that I pretend
    "I love you more then anything" I never admitted
    And I'm sorry for this suicide I just committed

    So I grab a rope
    For so long I have hoped
    My head goes through
    I choke on my breath
    And soon feel the cold of death

    A shadow against the wall
    Of my hanging body
    My pain is gone, I feel nothing at all

    I look at my pale face
    My eyes will never be opened again
    As I have left this place, decided that this was my faith

    My soul has drifted away
    No more cold nights of having to pray

    I am free of pain
    But I am also ashamed
    That I gave up my life
    Because of your game

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    This statement above the poem is really relatable to me!! I am in that exact situation. There are a few people I know who are fairly rude to me and make me feel really bad about myself, and...

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  14. 12. Gone Too Soon

    • By Lisa Milczarski
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    I wrote this poem from the viewpoint of my closest and dearest friend after her brother took his own life. I knew there were things she wanted to say but didn't know how to I tried to express the feelings for her in writing.

    Brother Suicide Regret Poem

    I know you're in heaven dancing and free
    but there's so much more you should be here to see.

    So many things I never got to say
    because I never thought that you would go away.

    I never told you 'cause I thought that you knew,
    but would that have changed what you planned to do?

    I am glad that you are free from the fears you held inside,
    but I wish you had come to me and put aside your pride.

    The world is a lonelier place without you.
    I guess that you thought this was all you could do.

    When I see you again, I'll tell you that you were wrong
    and how much I've missed you every day you've been gone.

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    I am so sorry that you lost someone to suicide. I know what you feel like. I have lost someone to suicide before as well, my best friend, Jami. He hung himself on October 20, 2021, at 12:30...

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  15. 13. I Had To Cry Tonight

    • By Greg M
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

    Our son took his life on a cold wintry night in February of 2009. He loved the outdoors, especially in winter. He love to hunt, fish and race snowmobiles with me. This was written on one of those tearful, sleepless nights the next winter.

    Poem From Father About Sons Suicide

    Winter is here, the air is cold, the snow is deep.

    His favorite time of year, he loved the outdoors and the
    challenges of the hunt, the fish, the race.

    We planned together, worked together to prepare, and then raced
    together as only a son and father can.

    We shared our victories and defeats as only two best friends can.

    The pictures of Christmas past are only images on a glossy
    piece of paper.

    They are no longer memories to relive and share together.

    There are no more races to be won or lost.

    There are no more stories of the hunt or the fish.

    There are only memories of what was and the realization
    of what there will not be.

    I had to cry tonight.

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    This really touched my heart knowing I self harm because my dad died but it really touched my heart knowing someone that goes through what I am going through and I hope you are ok and I will...

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  16. 14. Richard Cory

    A narrative poem, "Richard Cory" was first published in 1897, as part of The Children of the Night. It is one of Robinson's most popular and published poems.
    The poem describes a person who is wealthy, well-educated, mannerly, and admired by the people in his town. Despite all this, he takes his own life.

    Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
    We people on the pavement looked at him:
    He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
    Clean favored, and imperially slim.

    And he was always quietly arrayed,
    And he was always human when he talked;
    But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
    "Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.

    And he was rich - yes, richer than a king -
    And admirably schooled in every grace:
    In fine, we thought that he was everything
    To make us wish that we were in his place.

    So on we worked, and waited for the light,
    And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
    And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
    Went home and put a bullet through his head.

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    I read this poem as one of the mandatory literary pieces while in High School. Even at that tender age something about the absurdity of life struck me and it continued to haunt me. I tried to...

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  17. 15. She Finally Gave In...

    • By JJ
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012

    This poem is about one of my best friends who committed suicide. I miss her everyday and nothing will ever be the same without her here. I should have said I love you back to her but I didn't.. I love you Sarah.

    The girl who seemed unbreakable finally broke.
    The girl who seemed so strong finally fell and crumbled.
    The girl who always laughed finally cried
    and the girl who never stopped trying... finally gave up...

    December 21, 2011 R.I.P Sarah ɛ

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    Latest Shared Story

    My big sister attempted to commit suicide today by overdosing on alcohol and pills. This poem expresses exactly how I felt when I heard the news.

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  18. 16. Deadly Memory

    • By Allison Washburn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012

    This poem came to one day and all I could see was the picture at the end. The image was so beautiful and heartbreaking that I had to write something out that revolved around it.

    Poem About When A Mother Commits Suicide

    Hand shakes silently as I reach for the knob
    Pull my hand back, I'm too weak to do it
    Turn to walk away before I remember
    I'm doing this for me, I'm doing this for you
    Close my eyes and count slowly to ten
    You taught me this trick to help my panic attacks
    Peel my eyes open and glare at the wooden door
    Too long this room has terrified me
    Too long its given me nightmares
    Slowly I reach for the knob again
    Twist it as slowly as humanly possible and push
    Now I stand in the darkened doorway
    Is it just me or did it just get colder?
    I reach for the light switch
    As soon as I turn on the light, I close my empty eyes
    Count to ten again before opening them
    See my reflection in the mirror and frown
    How long have I looked this sick?
    Suddenly my eyes find what I came to see
    My breathing quickens as I flash back to that day
    When I was ten and opened the bathroom door
    And saw you floating there in the red water
    Dressed in your pretty little white dress
    Now stained red from the water
    Kitchen knife covered in dark red on the counter
    Snapping back to reality, I realize I'm crying
    Stuck here in an empty bathroom six years later
    Stuck here wondering what I did wrong
    Why I made you unhappy
    And what a little girl could've done to have her mom say goodbye

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  19. 17. Troubled Heart

    I have a friend who lost a son to suicide. I, too, have lost loved ones, even a small grandson, but realized through my friend that his kind of loss was likely the most devastating kind. His son was a great young man who unknowingly had trials, which brought him to take his own life. I wrote this poem for my friend and for all who experience such a loss.

    The moment you took your life,
    I felt mine ended too.
    If I could only turn back time,
    there's so much I would undo.

    I didn't see the warning signs.
    You held them deep inside.
    Struggles you were going through
    you did so well to hide.

    I'm left with guilt and sorrow
    and confusion as to why.
    You didn't tell me of your pain
    and felt you had to die.

    Every soul is precious
    in the eyes of God above.
    He will heal your troubled heart
    with His never-ending love.

    I'll put my faith in Him,
    as I pray my heart will mend
    and keep you in my memory
    'till I'm with you once again.

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    My friend Caitlin passed from suicide about a month ago now. She texted me saying, "I love you, Tabby," and I thought something was up, so I called her. She told me I was her best friend. I...

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  20. 18. My Best Friend's Departure

    • By Carina Spencer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    My cousin was my best friend, and sadly, he took his own life. I wish I could have helped him and changed the outcome, but the past cannot be changed. This poem is based on my grief and my regret and also my love for him and his life.

    Grieving Cousin's Suicide

    I jumped; you caught me.
    I laughed; you joked.
    I was down; you picked me up.
    I crumbled; you glued me back together.
    I loved you; you loved me back.

    You jumped; I couldn't catch you.
    You forgot to laugh; I couldn't remind you.
    You were down; I couldn't hold you.
    You crumbled; I had no glue.
    You loved me; I still love you.

    Without any warning or sign,
    You ventured to a world divine.
    I refused to say goodbye,
    Yet tonight I cry.
    My tears are for you, my friend,
    But our legacy will not end.
    For I shall see you soon,
    But first I have living to do.
    I promise I won't forget.
    Your face is embedded in my heart.

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    I've struggled a lot over the past year in a severe depressive episode. I've had suicidal thoughts and wanted to end it more times than I can say, but your words are grounding for me. I read...

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  21. 19. Forget

    • By Devon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2011

    I lost a very dear friend to suicide... It has been very hard to cope with the loss. He was everything to me...and now, he is gone </3

    Poem About A Best Friend's Suicide

    So lost, just as you were.
    As I made my way into the crowd.
    Black surrounds me...
    So do the many tearful eyes of my friends.
    My eyes are red and swollen as well,
    I had cried myself to sleep last night.
    I remember three days ago,
    You had looked me straight in the eye,
    moved closer, and wrapped your arms around me.
    "what's wrong?"
    in reality, everything was wrong...
    But I am here now,
    placing my sight my best friend.
    Now lying still in the soft lining,
    Of his casket.
    Tears flood my puffy eyes,
    they sting...
    reminding me that this is real.
    That I can never forget my best friend.
    R.I.P. Justice Goodwin </3

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    This made me burst into tears in the middle of the library at school... its so touching, and made me think of all my friends that have taken their own lives... RIP<3

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  22. 20. A Life Unlived

    • By Amber Kruger
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    About the pain and agony of a family left behind after the death of a loved one. there is not much to the poem, it gives you enough space for your mind to play with it.

    A blood stained floor,
    An opportunity missed,
    A life unlived,
    A bleeding wrist.

    A silent scream,
    A silent cry,
    A moment of weakness,
    a minute goes by.

    A decision made,
    A taken life,
    A letter written,
    A razor knife.

    A broken home,
    A mess to clean,
    An empty gap,
    A horror seen.

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    I have thought about suicide many times. I can't do it though. Do you want to know the saddest part? No one even noticed I was dying inside.

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