STOP Suicide Poems

STOP Suicide Poems

Poems about Suicide and Depression

When a family member commits suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of life's creatures. Even a blade of grass or flower fights for the privilege of life. When someone close to you voluntarily ends their lives, your entire value system is thrown into question. Family members may also be consumed with guilt, thinking that they somehow should have seen the signs that led to the individual's suicide. Group therapy with others who have experienced this trauma as well as individual therapy may be necessary to help cope.

60 Poems about Suicidal Depression

  1. 1. Became

    We all become "something" after we leave school, but what about the one who didn't make it past school?

    School Age Kids And Suicide

    He was the geeky kid, carrying all of his books,
    That became a scientist who found the cure for the disease that overtook.

    She was the quiet one, who was afraid no one would listen to what she had to say,
    Who is now the author that writes her words for thousands to read on a page.

    He was the naughty boy, whose antics were a cry for help,
    That became a cop because he knows how it felt.

    She was the nervous, anxious girl, who took on everyone's problems,
    That wanted to help others and became a psychologist with a doctorate.

    He was the kid that was always in a fight,
    Who became a lawyer that wants wrong turned right.

    He was the jock that was under pressure to win the game,
    Who became a pastor that tells people they are more than what others say.

    She was the quirky girl trying to break free from the mold,
    That became the fashion designer who is known for being bold.

    She was the mean girl with only ugly words to say,
    Who is now an advocate for other victims in pain.

    But he was the kid that faded into the background,
    The one who felt alone even when there was a crowd.

    The one who felt like he was gasping for air.
    Even though he was drowning; people were unaware.

    He was the one whose inner demon had a voice that was too loud,
    That told him there was no other way out.

    He's the kid I often think about,
    The one whose silence should have been a reverberating volume of sound.

    He is the one that we'll never know what he could have become,
    Because he was the kid who found the gun.

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  3. 2. Why Dad Did You Choose Suicide?

    • By Christina M. Butz
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Why Dad? Why did you chose suicide? You left no note.

    Why Dad?
    Why did you chose to die?
    You left no note but left me asking why.
    You thought you were doing what was best and right.
    Why, oh why, did you have to end the fight?
    Your pain is something I will never understand.
    You must have been so afraid to take this stand.
    You left me with a title I am sad to attain:
    Suicide Survivor, but who should I blame?
    I know your decision was painful to make.
    The thoughts in your head
    Must have been unbearable to take.
    Now that you're gone, I think of you a lot.
    You couldn't have known the suffering this has brought.
    I pray you are at peace my angel, but I am in pain.
    I count the minutes to heaven and seeing you again.

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    I came to this site looking for a comforting suicide survival poem to send to my brother whose fiancé of 12 years with young 4 children hung herself. I just have to say that your comment left...

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  5. 3. Self-Harm

    Good to let it all out... :)

    It calls me closer, it calls me near.
    "Just once and it'll be over,"
    Death whispers in my ear.
    Irresistible is its sweet entice.
    Staring down, which one to slice,
    I observe my previous tries,
    My unseen hurt and earlier cries.
    No peace in my mind, no peace in my head.
    The quiet, intelligent me, long since fled.
    Anger and rage consume me.
    My mind's demons bursting to be free.
    The walls of my cage finally cave.
    "Just be still, just be brave."
    I slash down with an improvised knife.
    "Forget this world, forget my life."
    Blood oozes and drips down the drain.
    A slight tingle but no real pain.
    A calmness comes over me.
    My last attempt please, it's got to be.
    "Screw everyone that's made me into this."
    The very same people who I'm going to miss.
    Tears stream down my cheek,
    My head feels heavy, I get dizzy and legs go weak.
    Darkness surrounds me, I get a glimpse of the abyss.
    I embrace the darkness, then hear a shriek...

    Then nothing.... blankness, no sound
    I feel my body drifting
    I hear scraping, something's stirring around.
    Surrounding me, I can hear creatures shifting.
    I hear a scream, I hear a moan.
    I want my family, I'm all alone.
    I hear a cry, I hear a sob
    And realize it's my own.
    I know I have sinned, still I pray to God,
    "Please get me out of this hell."
    I start to yell...
    No sound out of my mouth, only in my mind.
    No one to help me, no one for me to find.
    I've never felt so scared....
    My soul finally screamed and despaired.
    "I give up..."

    A light???
    My consciousness returns
    As it starts to get bright.
    I feel myself falling.
    A faint faraway voice, I hear someone calling.
    Brighter now, getting brighter still.
    I feel myself escaping from this hell.
    Has it been months or has it been years
    Since I was stuck in that prison,
    Trapped with my fears?

    I open my eyes and look around.
    I'm lying in a bed in a hospital gown.
    The worried looks on their faces makes me ashamed.
    Sitting and staring, no one makes a sound.
    "Sorry" is all I say...
    Mother starts crying, my farther is sad.
    Finding me like that, must have been bad...
    I get a kiss and a cuddle,
    A pat from my father.
    My mind's in a muddle.
    I still manage a small smile,
    And close my eyes for a while.
    I promise myself, from this day on and till I die
    I'm going to be the best person I can
    Or at least try.
    Like an old cliché,
    "Live every day like it's the last."
    Forget all the bad days, I'm leaving them in the past.
    The sun is shining, my dark clouds have vanished.
    My demons have gone, finally banished
    Life is good, life is great.
    Forget wallowing in self pity
    I tell you, straight.

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    Although this poem is quite old, I just wanted to share my thoughts and feeling toward it, since I found it very touching. I'm currently 22 but have had issues with self-harm since high...

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  6. 4. If You Would Have Known

    I wrote this poem for my nephew who died by suicide at the age of 16. He was such a sweet kid and very talented. He taught himself how to play the piano and guitar and wrote a song at only 15 years of age. He left this world too soon.

    You Left Too Soon

    If you could have seen the devastation,
    shattered hearts you'd leave behind, 
    would you still have left this world that day?
    Would it have made you change your mind?

    If you'd known we'd cry so violently
    and struggle just to breathe,
    would that have made a difference?
    Would you still have chosen to leave?

    You left without a warning;
    you left without saying "goodbye."
    You left us with only questions.
    The most important one is "why?"

    Why did you believe
    you had to face this world alone?
    Why did you suffer silently?
    We would have helped if we had known. 

    How long had you been hurting
    before deciding you were done?
    I'm glad your pain has ended,
    but our pain has just begun. 

    So when you see us start to fall apart,
    when our pain is too much to bear,
    please take our hands and guide us;
    remind us that you're there.
    Help us hold on to the part of you;
    you left us with your song.
    Keep playing it in heaven.
    We'll write the words and sing along.

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    Thank you so much for sharing that with me! You are never alone! And you don't have fight life's battles by yourself. Reach out to someone, anyone! There are people ready and waiting by the...

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  7. 5. A Friend's Secret Suicide

    • By Emma Deary
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This poem was written on Halloween Night, 10/31/07 at 9:45pm. At the time, I could not stand my friends and I wrote a goodbye letter to them. At the time, I was suicidal. This only worsened until the breaking point in December. December 31, I called it quits. I told my best friends in the entire world I hated them. Looking back on it, I did that because I was too depressed and I only wanted to be left alone forever. Now, I see this only caused much worse problems. As now, I have lost three of my best friends and it is much too late to get them back. I didn't kill myself obviously. But I was so close. Extremely close, and this goes out to my three old best friends, who never knew the real me.

    To my (old) friends: AH, RW, KF

    You were all part of my life,
    In the beginning you were always there helping me along, inch by inch.
    But that thread we had has finally snapped.
    I could have ignored you without a second thought, no worries, not a flinch.

    But, I played along.
    I sang my own desperate song of how one day you would understand.
    But you never did.
    Never tried to comfort me or hold my hand.
    You all ignored it even though deep inside, you know I WAS NOT MYSELF
    I no longer laughed,
    But replaced that smile with a disturbed frown.
    I no longer had fun with you,
    This replaced by the constant though of how to drown.

    And yet, you were not there.
    It was like you didn't even notice,
    Like I was no longer important,
    And STILL, you did not acknowledge me, and this I could see.
    You were unaware of the problems that slowly, one by one, took my life from me.

    I have no life now,
    I hope you are aware of THIS.
    You will never have to worry
    And I send you this one last goodbye, this one last kiss.
    For I have melted away now; dissolved.
    And STILL, me, you DO NOT MISS.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Thank you for the wonderful poem. This is actually how I feel every single day.

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  8. 6. How I Feel

    • By Lyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007

    A poem on battling dark thoughts

    Sometimes I just wish I could run away and hide.
    No matter where I go though, these feelings stay inside.
    How can I stay here and live each day a lie,
    When all I want to do is close my eyes and die?
    I see the pain I cause you, with every tear I shed.
    I plead with you now mum, let me go instead.
    I wish I could take you with me, to a happy place,
    Whether it exists though, is time for me to face.
    Can I ask for your forgiveness? For you to set me free.
    It may seem ungrateful, but this life's not meant for me.
    Thank you for all your love, for all the time we shared,
    It means the world to me, to know that someone cared.

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    Please don't run and hide. It sounds like you are hurting inside. Please be strong and try to talk to someone about how you are feeling. You are worth it you are not useless or worthless. You...

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  9. 7. Goodbye Mum

    • By Pat
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    I have been a heroin addict for years. I could see the pain and grief I had caused to everyone around me and the only way out I could see was to end it all. This was the letter I wrote to my mum before my heavy overdose and now I'm in involuntary treatment.

    Dear mum,
    This is your son,
    I am writing this to you,
    To tell you I'm done.

    Hold back those tears,
    Please don't cry
    Don't make this any harder,
    For me tonight.

    You will see,
    This is the only way,
    For I am too much of a burden,
    To you everyday.

    I know by now,
    You've met my soul mate,
    Her name is Snow White,
    This was just fate.

    Slowly slowly,
    She led me away,
    From your warm nest,
    Each and everyday.

    All the lies and deceit,
    I had to tell,
    I can't stop now,
    I am completely under her spell.

    When you found out,
    And you didn't believe my lies,
    Again I'm so sorry,
    For giving you those black eyes.

    Every night you stayed up,
    Dreading that knock on the door,
    Is the number of reasons,
    I can no longer ignore.

    There is no way out,
    Of this darkness and despair,
    A long time ago,
    God abandoned your prayers.

    So you see,
    There is only one way,
    To kill myself now,
    And end the pain today.

    For this brief moment,
    My thoughts are clear,
    These ten more doses,
    Means relief for you is near.

    Don't blame yourself mum,
    You raised me right,
    I messed everything up,
    But I'll fix this tonight.

    You may not see it now
    But over time your pain will ease
    I love you, goodbye
    Yours sincerely, now at peace

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    This one hit me hard. My cousin died on July 18th, 2018. He overdosed on the fourth of July and was on life support until the 18th when we finally had to pull the plug. He did it...

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  10. 8. A Silent War

    • By Lisa Miktuk
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010

    When I was 15, my Dad committed suicide and I never got the chance to say goodbye. I want to tell this story to help others understand the value of time that they have to spend with loved ones. Always say "I love you" because you never know what may happen. It is the worst feeling in the world to know that they may not have known.

    Letter From Daughter To Dad Who Committed Suicide

    Leaving us without word, nothing left to say,
    Mom and me are never going to forget that day.
    Something must have hurt so bad and I simply turned my back,
    There's so many things I want to say, but it seems the right words I lack.

    I never got to say goodbye or tell you that I care,
    You must have felt all alone, desperate, hurt, and scared.
    I wonder why you felt so bad that your pain engulfed your life,
    I wonder if you thought of us, your daughter and your wife.
    If I could go back in time and try to ease your pain,
    I would dry all your tears when they fell like rain.
    It must have been a place so dark that you could not see the light,
    But here I am, your pain I feel, I cry myself to sleep at night.

    So Daddy please forgive me, I was only 15 at the time,
    I didn't realize how lucky I was that you were all mine.

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    Thank you for this poem. It was two years ago today my father took his own life. By far the most traumatic, life-altering event in my life to this day. He was an addict who suffered severe...

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  11. 9. Happy 17

    • By Shane
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I am a father who lost my daughter through suicide at the tender age of 15 in February 2007. I cherish the time that was given to me while she was with me. There was truly a magical spirit within her that made her unique, like all our children. I unfortunately know the pain this brings to a parent. I have a beautiful son who I devote all the time to. Don't let a chance go past without taking it.

    Dad Loses Daughter To Suicide

    Was on this day that your were born
    A ray of sunshine that I adorned
    From heaven above you were sent to us
    Hand crafted and unique, one of a kind you were made

    With big brown eyes and a gorgeous smile
    Why couldn't you stay longer than a while
    An aura you had that shown like a star
    I search and look in the night sky you are

    As quickly as you arrived
    You had suddenly departed
    Not right, not fair
    For your life had only just started

    So today a wish I make for you
    One of love and happiness
    Happy birthday to my girl so true
    You'll always be in my heart and soul

    Beautiful as a butterfly
    Your spirit set free
    Wishing I could be near you
    To hold you close to me

    Happy birthday my sweetheart
    Forever loved

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    I love reading poems and most times I search for heart touching ones that how I got here
    I remember when I was so young maybe ten twelve or less I used to have lots of thoughts of suicide,...

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  12. 10. That Girl

    • By Amber
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This poem was one I wrote after my dad told me he didn't love me. If you ever feel like this, then get help before it's too late.

    Dad Doesn't Love Me

    Forever feeling her life is dying,
    But the doctors keep on lying.
    "Your daughter will be fine,
    Just give her some time."

    But she wasn't okay
    Because your baby girl took her life today.
    She couldn't keep running
    And she wouldn't stand living.

    Her silent pleas for love
    Left her heart on black doves.
    "I'm in pain."
    Her innocence cut, her pride slain.

    Her cries fell on deaf ears,
    So no one realized her fears.
    No one saw her fatal change
    Until her heart was out of range.

    She wrote out letters,
    Saying her life would be better.
    She laid the pistol on her heart
    And blew her body apart.

    Her parents cry themselves to sleep
    And all her friends weep.
    They loved that girl well
    And left her alone in hell.

    Maybe her soul can be free
    And everyone will see
    The lost life of one teen
    And the love there could have been.

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    Drip drop. Let your tears fall non-stop. Cry your eyes out because he broke your heart. Let those memories fade away and turn into dust because there was no loyalty, trust, or love. Let the...

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  13. 11. Troubled Heart

    I have a friend who lost a son to suicide. I, too, have lost loved ones, even a small grandson, but realized through my friend that his kind of loss was likely the most devastating kind. His son was a great young man who unknowingly had trials, which brought him to take his own life. I wrote this poem for my friend and for all who experience such a loss.

    The moment you took your life,
    I felt mine ended too.
    If I could only turn back time,
    there's so much I would undo.

    I didn't see the warning signs.
    You held them deep inside.
    Struggles you were going through
    you did so well to hide.

    I'm left with guilt and sorrow
    and confusion as to why.
    You didn't tell me of your pain
    and felt you had to die.

    Every soul is precious
    in the eyes of God above.
    He will heal your troubled heart
    with His never-ending love.

    I'll put my faith in Him,
    as I pray my heart will mend
    and keep you in my memory
    'till I'm with you once again.

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    My friend Caitlin passed from suicide about a month ago now. She texted me saying, "I love you, Tabby," and I thought something was up, so I called her. She told me I was her best friend. I...

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  14. 12. She Finally Gave In...

    • By JJ
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012

    This poem is about one of my best friends who committed suicide. I miss her everyday and nothing will ever be the same without her here. I should have said I love you back to her but I didn't.. I love you Sarah.

    The girl who seemed unbreakable finally broke.
    The girl who seemed so strong finally fell and crumbled.
    The girl who always laughed finally cried
    and the girl who never stopped trying... finally gave up...

    December 21, 2011 R.I.P Sarah ɛ

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    Latest Shared Story

    My big sister attempted to commit suicide today by overdosing on alcohol and pills. This poem expresses exactly how I felt when I heard the news.

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  15. 13. Jim

    My brother Jim - age 46 - took his own life 5 years ago and left our family devastated. As far as we are aware, this was due to financial problems. A death by suicide is a death that leaves so many unanswered questions and so much guilt. It is hard to comprehend and makes the grieving process so much harder. Too many young people are finding it harder to cope with the pressures of society. This poem is just my story. There are many, too many more stories that are sadly the same.

    Suicide Of Brother

    If I had reached out my hand,
    Would you have taken it that day?
    Could I have made you feel better?
    Could I have made you okay?
    Could I have pulled you away
    From the dark into light?
    Brought you right back to a safe place
    And just held you tight?

    Why didn't you shout louder?
    Why couldn't we hear?
    You were all alone that morning,
    All alone in your fear.
    I know we could have saved you
    If we had just seen
    You stuck in that pain and torment.
    How long had it been?

    Your burden you carried
    In an invisible case.
    You suffered in silence
    With a smile on your face.
    So many questions we have.
    So many words unspoken.
    Why didn't we know
    That your life was so broken?

    I miss you each day.
    I try to understand your choice.
    If I close my eyes, try hard,
    I can still hear your voice.
    I know you are free now,
    Free to fly high.
    I imagine I see you
    When I look up to the sky.

    I can't turn the clock back.
    I can't change time,
    But oh how I wish I could,
    Sweet brother of mine.
    I know you are still with us,
    Watching, keeping us safe,
    And one day we'll meet again
    In a heavenly place.

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    A year ago my best friend and boyfriend killed himself. The real ache lies beneath the fact that I probably knew what was the reason and could have prevented anything from happening had I not...

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  16. 14. The Fight

    • By Anna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009

    I wrote this not because I wanted to commit suicide; it was just all the emotions I had in me that wrote this...

    My body's cold,
    lips are blue.
    Why did I do this because of you?

    I feel the earth below me
    like a pillow under my head.
    No knives, no guns, but pills instead.

    The bottle lays empty,
    cap unscrewed.
    What did I do? What did I do?

    My spirit floats, my body lays.
    My lover finds me,
    and he prays.

    I reach for him.
    I'm sucked away,
    like a deep crest of a wave.

    He pounds the ground,
    screaming why, oh why?
    I asked myself why did I?

    My parents arrive, my best friend too
    I thought to myself, what did I do!?

    I look away, the pain's too deep.
    My life is over because of me.

    I look back for one last glance.
    They zip me up in the body bag.
    I did this to ease my pain.
    I lost instead of gained.

    As I look down at my family,
    I regret that night.
    My life stopped ticking
    because of a fight.

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    My name is Destiny, and I was sexually abused from my mum's partner's brother, and no one believed me. My mum did something, but they were still angry. Not sure to believe me. Then, I was...

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  17. 15. It Spoke The Word Suicide

    • By Stevie Winchester
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    I wrote this shortly after one of my childhood friends shot himself. it's hard, but I learned from it daily. but I don't want to dwell over it anymore, I want to use it to help. as well as a few other hard things that have happened in my life.

    Poem About A Friends Suicide

    A smile, a laugh
    a tear, a frown
    a sad young boy none knew was falling down
    he was falling way too fast
    no one seems to notice
    no one seemed to hear
    for when he put that gun in place
    no one happened to be near
    he left with out a warning
    he left without a sign
    just a dead young boy
    with a shallow gun by his side
    again no one heard
    as his death was being fired
    and after the funeral was planned
    after everybody came
    the tears fell on his casket
    they left a foot printed stain
    then everyone noticed
    then everyone heard
    for the warning had came
    the signs were all right there
    now there is no smile
    now there is no laugh
    now there's just a tear
    and his picture placed in glass
    since he left no letter
    since he left no trace
    the gun spoke his last words
    that gun (it) put this sad young boy; right back in his place...

    rip Alex

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    My name is Jessica. My best friend Sammy committed suicide a few days ago. On June 11th 2014 to be exact. It hit me hard. I was talking to her when it happened. She slit her wrists the wrong...

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  18. 16. This Is For The Best

    • By Coty Hoggle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    This poem is about a boy who keeps the weight of the world on his shoulders, who takes everyone's problems and makes them his own. He expects too much of himself and decides to give up. This is how I feel, so I decided to make a poem about it. This is my first ever poem.

    Too Much Pressure In Life

    one sad, cold night
    a boy sat in his chair
    picked up a gun
    as he ran his fingers through his hair
    he sat and cried as he thought
    everything that's happened
    has all been my fault
    he said if I was gone
    this would all be better
    and he told her
    "I love you now more than ever"
    he said "trust me
    this is for the best
    you will see
    cause after I'm gone
    no more fighting, you'll be free"
    he grabbed a bullet
    an put it in the gun
    said, "I love you so much
    but now I have to run"
    he said "I'm sorry I can't take this no more.
    I've let down so many people
    I wish I could go back to before"
    he hung up the phone
    and pulled the trigger
    looked down at his chest
    as the pain grew bigger
    his eyes filled with tears
    they started to pour
    as soon as his family ran in
    he fell to the floor

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    This poem touched me in a way. I, too, attempted suicide by my prescription pills meant for helping me with anger, pain, and hurt through my childhood. The worst part I'm trying to deal with...

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  19. 17. My Best Friend's Departure

    • By Carina Spencer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    My cousin was my best friend, and sadly, he took his own life. I wish I could have helped him and changed the outcome, but the past cannot be changed. This poem is based on my grief and my regret and also my love for him and his life.

    Grieving Cousin's Suicide

    I jumped; you caught me.
    I laughed; you joked.
    I was down; you picked me up.
    I crumbled; you glued me back together.
    I loved you; you loved me back.

    You jumped; I couldn't catch you.
    You forgot to laugh; I couldn't remind you.
    You were down; I couldn't hold you.
    You crumbled; I had no glue.
    You loved me; I still love you.

    Without any warning or sign,
    You ventured to a world divine.
    I refused to say goodbye,
    Yet tonight I cry.
    My tears are for you, my friend,
    But our legacy will not end.
    For I shall see you soon,
    But first I have living to do.
    I promise I won't forget.
    Your face is embedded in my heart.

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    I've struggled a lot over the past year in a severe depressive episode. I've had suicidal thoughts and wanted to end it more times than I can say, but your words are grounding for me. I read...

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  20. 18. Save A Life

    • By Emily Tekavec
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2016

    I wrote this poem when I had a friend who wanted to leave this world. I didn't know how to help him by talking to him, so I wrote him this poem. I wrote it 2 years ago, and still to this day he reads it and always thanks me for it. Maybe this can help one of your friends, as it did mine.

    Poem About Stopping A Friend From Suicide

    You come to me crying, saying it's done,
    That life is pointless, I shouldn't have one.

    I tell you to stop, I beg and I plead.
    You say the knife is your friend, it wants you to bleed.

    But everyone here wants you to stay.
    I'm crying, I'm shaking, please don't go away.

    Life means so much; you just haven't found out.
    So forget who planted that seed of doubt.

    And as your knives and guns disappear,
    Still know that I'll always be here.

    I know what it's like, I've been through it all,
    So hang on tight, I'm not gonna let you fall.

    Reach for my hand, 'cause it's held out for you.
    My shoulders are small, but you can cry on them too.

    If you leave, you'll be missed by many,
    Especially me, and I will not forget any

    Of the moments we had, laughs we shared,
    The times we needed each other when we were scared.

    The world wouldn't be better if you left, but worse,
    And so now it's time for me to reverse this curse.

    I'll teach you how to save a life,
    So unlike many, it won't have to end in strife.

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    This poem is the poem my friend sent me when I was debating taking my life. This poem saved my life, literally. Thank you!

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  21. 19. All On A Silent Night

    • By Rebecca MaCarthur
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2010

    I have contemplated suicide many times... This is how close I came, and how I felt..

    On a silent night.
    I lay in the dark, not caring, trying not to breathe.
    It's almost time, time to say goodbye.
    Never again will I shout in pain.
    Never again will I scream in vain.
    I'm done with these feelings I can't control.
    There is no more time to make amends.
    No more time to fix everything.
    My time is finally up.
    I lay silently.
    In the dark, alone.
    Never moving, never speaking.
    Not making a single sound.
    I don't want to hurt anyone.
    The people I love are better without me.
    This is what I think, for now.
    I put the blade to my wrist.
    Cutting deeper, and deeper.
    The blood flows, and I slowly slip away.
    Consciousness fades.
    The pain finally ends.
    Only to begin again.
    I look back as I float away.
    Look at the pain, on their faces.
    The pain, as they discover my body.
    The pain that will be there, forever.
    It tears my heart in two.
    To watch them, as they cry.
    Cry over me.
    More pain, even in death.
    I thought it was the end.
    But I guess there is no escape.
    From this much pain.
    Never an escape.
    I hurt those I love.
    And I realize, that was what was hurting me.
    But now its to late.
    I ended it, forever.
    There is no going back.
    Their pain is endless.
    I caused it, my fault, forever.
    All on that Silent night.

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    My 14-year-old has been going through a lot and talking about how nobody loves him, which is not true. He says he has no friends and there’s no point anymore, so it pains me to see him like...

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  22. 20. Gone Too Soon

    • By Lisa Milczarski
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    I wrote this poem from the viewpoint of my closest and dearest friend after her brother took his own life. I knew there were things she wanted to say but didn't know how to I tried to express the feelings for her in writing.

    Brother Suicide Regret Poem

    I know you're in heaven dancing and free
    but there's so much more you should be here to see.

    So many things I never got to say
    because I never thought that you would go away.

    I never told you 'cause I thought that you knew,
    but would that have changed what you planned to do?

    I am glad that you are free from the fears you held inside,
    but I wish you had come to me and put aside your pride.

    The world is a lonelier place without you.
    I guess that you thought this was all you could do.

    When I see you again, I'll tell you that you were wrong
    and how much I've missed you every day you've been gone.

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    I am so sorry that you lost someone to suicide. I know what you feel like. I have lost someone to suicide before as well, my best friend, Jami. He hung himself on October 20, 2021, at 12:30...

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