Twin Poem

Poem About Twins Being Forever Connected

Since becoming adults, my twin and I have not lived close to each other. When we were turning 30 years old she was having issues about our birthday and didn't like the fact that we were turning 30. I wanted to cheer her up and give her something from my heart. I wanted to express to her how important she was to me while we were growing up. I wrote this poem for her, and a friend of mine made a collage of pictures of us as we grew up and placed my poem right in the middle of it.

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 24, 2023 with permission of the author.

Two heartbeats that beat as one
destined to share the show and join the fun.
From playing games to making mud pies,
and remember the time you had that black eye?

With each breath you take, I take one too.
Every beat of your heart I'm there with you.

We are alike; this much is true
I look in the mirror and I see you.
Same eyes, hair, lips, and build.
I'm just so lucky to look like you.

The differences are there when you take a close look or stare.
You're outgoing, strong, and have a confident air.

With each step of my life I look back to see,
No one but you standing there with me.
We are bonded together with a special flare.
It cannot falter and will never fail.

And so my twin with yet another prayer,
I look to the heavens and thank God you've been there
Through all the crying your shoulders had to bear
The laughing and talking and showing you care.

Life's roads have led us down separate paths,
The miles are between us, but that will not last
'Cause God had bonded us with His special art,
The art of Twinship that never parts.


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