Grandfather Poems

Grandfather Poems

Poems about Grandpa

One does not have to do anything to become a grandfather. It simply happens when your child has a child. It is up to you to decide how involved you will be in your grandchild's life. There is an inherent biological relationship but the emotional bonding between grandfather and grandchild comes only with effort. It happens when the grandchild sees that you are open to forming a relationship. It happens when you get off your easy chair and make the effort to see what matters to your grandchild.

Poems From Grandchildren

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  1. Great Grandpa

    My Great Grandfather And His Life's Work

    Great Grandpa is a wise old man who says he's ninety-four.
    He tells me that he lost his leg fighting in some war.
    When I was just a little tot with eyes and nose still runny,
    He swears that he forgot my name, so now he calls me Sonny.

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    Balter's poem reminds me of my own grandfather whom I lost 49 years ago when he was 94. I remember his two habits very lucidly. He was a frugal eater. He used to weigh his food every time...

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  3. Northern Star

    • By Kelly Graham
    • Published: September 2016
    Guiding Light Of A Loving Mentor

    Northern Star, Northern Star,
    I gaze up at you from afar.
    Shining brightly in the curtain of night,
    Northern Star, you are my light.

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  4. Paradise

    • By Paige
    • Published: June 2016
    Lovely Memories Of Childhood Holidays At Grandparents Home

    Every morning is a different experience.
    Whether it be the sweet and warm morning coffee
    on the porch listening to the blue birds chirp and hummingbirds wake,
    or it be hot tea while watching the rain slip and fall

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  6. Ode To The Gramps

    • By Andy
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About Wishing To Be Like Grandfather

    He was someone's son.
    He was someone's father.
    Perhaps he was someone's brother.
    But he was a little bit of everything,

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    My grandpa died 7 years ago on October 10th. I was only 8 when he was diagnosed with cancer he died when I was 12. I am 19 now and miss him terribly. My dad was not in my life till I was 16...

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  7. The Definition Of A Gentleman

    • By Gary Bowdery
    • Published: June 2015

    The definition of a gentleman is clear to detect,
    it's one of warmth love and respect.

    When you're feeling low they will understand,

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  8. A True Hero

    • By Julie Mills
    • Published: September 2014
    Poem For A Grandfather Who Is A Hero

    What makes a man a hero?
    I've often thought this through.
    It's someone who is macho?
    It's someone who is true?

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  10. Missing My Pappa

    • By Christina
    • Published: September 2014
    Poem About Memories of Grandpa

    I can't believe that you are already gone,
    The years just went by so fast; it was not long ago
    That we walked side by side, you telling me your stories.
    I will never forget your smile, the smile that you had when you would see me,...

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  11. Grandpa's Ways Of Love

    • By Mary Beth Graves
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Memories of a Grandpa

    Grandpa, so thin and a twinkle in those
    Sparkling blue eyes.
    When you looked my way, I felt so loved
    With you every day....

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  12. Just Like Him

    He taught me how to build a fire;
    he gave me hope and desire.

    He taught me how to build a chair; ...

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    This is an extravagant poem. I hope to see more poems like this because this one really touched my heart.

  13. Loved Me

    Poem About Differences in Grandpas

    My Grandpas were very different,
    but no matter how much they would disagree,
    they both always loved me.

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