Abortion Poems by Teens

Poetry by Teens Who Have Had Abortions

What does it mean to have a body growing inside of you? What does it feel like? Is it bad to have an abortion? Everyone has their own opinion on the moral implications of having an abortion. Most women report that being pregnant feels like having a baby inside them and that it is psychologically painful to have an abortion. There are times when having an abortion seems like the right thing to do. For example when the mother is unprepared or her health is at stake. Others insist on a woman's right to choose. We'd like to hear your thoughts and feelings.


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  1. Why Don't You Love Me?

    mommy, mommy, don't let me go.
    I wanna see the world
    and know everything you know.
    I wanna see the world...

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    You are more courageous than I would have been in your case. You did awesome offering love to your child. I suffered abuse as well. I was drugged, and I did not know what was being done to...

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  3. My Baby

    • By Bethany Burmeister
    • Published: February 2014
    Poem About My Baby And Abortion

    I hear it crying in the night,
    Even though it's not really there.
    I killed my baby,
    An innocent life,...

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    I was 16 years old and clueless about life. I was a girl who never had any mistakes in my parents eyes. When I found out I was pregnant and my baby's dad didn't want anything to do with it,...

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  4. My Sweet Little Angel

    • By Bianca Sahagun
    • Published: November 2011

    I can't sleep my body is aching
    the pain in my chest, my heart is breaking.
    The bond that we share I thought was so strong,
    but obviously I was so wrong....

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    I had an abortion 3 weeks ago. I thought it was the right thing to do since I am still studying and can't afford to have a baby at the moment. I thought things would be back as if nothing...

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  6. My Sweet Angel

    • By Sally Adams
    • Published: November 2012
    Abortion Regret Message

    My sweet angel
    What I have done can never be changed
    I can't believe I ever did this
    I never thought I would have to do that...

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    I feel the same way. We weren't technically together and I got pregnant. He was distant after finding out, so I rushed and made a choice. He was just trying to clear his head. I have regrets...

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  7. Dear Baby

    • By Vivienne A.
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About The Loss Of A Child

    They say you have to leave me.
    They say you cannot stay.
    But, baby, I don't want you to go,
    I'll have it no other way.

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  8. What Now

    • By Jenny
    • Published: September 2011
    Choosing Abortion

    Your knees are shaken
    You see that red line appear
    How far can you go from here?
    You look in the mirror ...

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    I was 14 years old when I too saw that red line... the baby's daddy basically said you're on your own bitch. so I had no father, no food. and no one to help me through it. I therefore was...

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  10. Too Young

    • By Tamara
    • Published: November 2011

    Someone should have been born
    but instead I destroyed a life
    it was a hard decision to make
    but mummy wanted to have a life and play...

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    I understand the guilt you must feel. I am 14 years old and I have already had 5 situations where I THOUGHT I was pregnant. You did the responsible thing especially for your age.

  11. Never Stay

    • By Mollie Peet
    • Published: April 2013

    I sit crying alone and weep,
    My lovers love I no longer keep,
    One by one taken away,
    The baby I knew will never stay,...

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  12. Stranger From Within

    • By Keighley
    • Published: August 2011

    Should I Know
    Should I Care
    If It Was
    Or Was Not There...

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  13. Hush Little Baby

    • By Jess
    • Published: August 2008
    Poems About Abortion

    Hush little baby don't say a word
    Mummy's sorry she's so scared
    Hush little baby got nowhere to live
    Hush little baby got nothing to give...

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    I am so happy to read this response. I am also a woman who suffers from guilt about having an abortion at 16. At the time I honestly thought I made the right decision and have realized since...

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