Abortion Poems by Teens

Poetry by Teens Who Have Had Abortions

What does it mean to have a body growing inside of you? What does it feel like? Is it bad to have an abortion? Everyone has their own opinion on the moral implications of having an abortion. Most women report that being pregnant feels like having a baby inside them and that it is psychologically painful to have an abortion. There are times when having an abortion seems like the right thing to do. For example when the mother is unprepared or her health is at stake. Others insist on a woman's right to choose. We'd like to hear your thoughts and feelings.


My Baby

Poem About My Baby And Abortion

I hear it crying in the night,
Even though it's not really there.
I killed my baby,
An innocent life,
Before anyone knew she was there.
Before anyone could stop me,
Before anyone could care

I didn't know what I was doing,
I was acting without thinking.
I wasn't ready for a baby.
I didn't know what I was seeking.

I killed my baby girl,
I didn't know what else to do.
She will never enter this world,
She'll never know what I knew.

I'm sorry my baby
Just know mommy loves you.
I wasn't ready for a child,
It's nothing against you.

I love you my baby,
My sweet beautiful girl.
If I could have kept you,
You would have been my whole world.

Just know mommy loves you,
You'll be safer where you are.
I pray that you forgive me,
Watch out for me from afar.

I love you my baby,
Just the way you would have been,
Just the way you are.



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