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Angry Poems

Anger is a human emotion that we all feel at one time or another. It is not the feeling that is problematic, rather it is our lack of knowledge of how to express anger which leads to so much sadness. In all relationships there are bound to be many times when one person is angry at another. How the individual chooses to express this feeling makes all the difference. When anger is repressed it tends to leak out into all aspects of the relationship. Learning how to communicate effectively when you feel angry with another is the key to happy relationships.


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  1. My Hate For You Will Never Fade

    Hatred Towards Molester

    The things you did to me
    Took away what made me free.
    I was a prisoner to you, locked in a chain.
    You played me, like a puzzle piece in a game.

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  3. My So Called Father

    • By Abbey
    • Published: December 2013
    Father Only Cares About Sibling

    When I leave, I won't be back,
    all my shit is already packed.
    I hope you are happy for what you have done,
    now the only kid you have, is your son.

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    My parents neglect me and choose my sister over me each time. I ran away once but returned knowing I was stuck because I was just a kid, but I've decided I'm not going to include them in my...

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  4. Never There

    • By Hannah
    • Published: October 2013
    Absent Father Anger Poem

    You say you love me, you say you care
    And yet, you're never there.

    I remember you yelling, screaming, abusing...

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  6. Were do I begin?

    • By Nessa
    • Published: October 2013

    Were do I begin?
    How you closed me out, or let me in?

    You held my hand when things got rough but...

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  7. Loathing Lies & Hazardous Smiles

    • By Sally Day
    • Published: August 2013

    I have my own mouth to speak; so shut up and hear
    Loathing lies and hazardous smiles
    They just won't disappear
    Along the school white aisles...

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  8. You Said You Loved Me


    You said you loved me
    So why do I feel hated

    You said you cared for me...

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    I feel so alone When I was 7 I was raped and my 12 year old sister died. It's been about 5 years, and I am just seeing my dad now. I feel like my dad cares more about his son than me. I give...

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  10. Pulsing Pain

    • By Jazmin Hall
    • Published: March 2013

    So angry
    The feeling of betrayal
    Suffocating my senses
    A thousand attempts ...

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    I have been feeling the same about what you said earlier, how your mom prejudges you before she hears anything from your side. The thing is, outsiders' influence has an effect. It can be...

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  11. Never You!!

    Anger At Cheating Boyfriend

    How can you look into my eyes,
    open your mouth and tell me all these lies?
    You brought me so much hurt and pain...
    You're driving me insane...

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  12. Jail

    • By Paulette Essie
    • Published: July 2012
    Poem From A Girl Caught In Prostitution

    Sitting in my cell
    what the hell is wrong with me
    I'm going down...

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    I can only think of how life must have been for you. I was lucky enough to get out of the prostitution I was in but even though there are those rare few you still know there are many who are...

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  13. My Apology To Me

    • By Natasha Underwood
    • Published: February 2012

    This is to the guy that I went out of my way to get noticed by,
    The one I trusted, the one who told me lies,
    The one who made me feel like I was the only one,
    The one who was through with me when the sex was done,

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    The poem reached right into my and soul. I can identify with this girl's horror, as it happened to me at the age of only 11 years old by my eldest sibling. He told me not to say anything or I...

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