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  1. 41. Painful Struggles

    • By Jenny Tran
    • Published: June 2014

    I'm a young girl who is kept from sight.
    Constantly, I'm crying in the middle of the night.
    I'm a girl who lives in constant fear
    From the torment I have to endure and hear.

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    Thanks, yeah I'm still struggling. I wish to write more, but I'm not feeling well enough to write.

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  3. 42. The Lies She Told

    • By Mika Wright
    • Published: December 2013

    When she smiles and laughs,
    It no longer sounds hollow,
    For she has learned
    To mask her sorrow.

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    Goodbye, my sweet Lori. Wishing you were still alive and in our family, hearts, and homes. On September 25, 2018, Lori Denise Gonzales was called home to heaven by the dear Lord, leaving...

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  5. 43. What Happened?

    • By Mikel Roberson
    • Published: September 2019

    What happened to me,
    The one I used to be?
    Now, when I look at my reflection,
    I'm filled with recollection

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    Being deeply sad and depressed can weigh on a person like nothing else. This poem reminds me of my own experiences and of the loneliness that sometimes washes over me when I feel like I'm...

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  6. 44. Trying To Live

    • By Yvette
    • Published: November 2008

    I am a poet writing about my pain.
    I am person recovering and trying to gain.
    I am your daughter who is trying to learn.
    I am your sister who is starting to turn.

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    I am constantly made fun if and called emo because when I was 12 I tried to hang myself and I used to cut and have scars all up my arms. I was only depressed because my dad and I were close...

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  7. 45. The Hidden Pain

    • By Abigail S. Williams
    • Published: September 2018

    The me you see is not the real me.
    This isn't who I wish to be.
    I hide the pain, I hide the strife.
    Honestly, I just want to escape this life.

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    I was really amazed by the level of sorrow in this poem. It truly touched me. Sometimes I, too, feel myself in the same condition of loneliness and sorrow. This poem reminded me of my blue...

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  8. 46. Deafening Silence

    I look deep into your eyes
    but all I see are lies
    where there was hurt and suffering
    there's now a black hole of nothing

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    I've been dealing with depression for the past three years and suicide is a big thing for me. Thank you, this poem means a lot!

  9. 47. A World Of Pain

    • By Daniela N.
    • Published: May 2013

    I'm living in a world of pain.
    I'm living a world of hurt.
    I'm living in a world of sorrow.
    Hiding behind a wall,

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  10. 48. I Am Alone

    • By Ariana Nicole Butler
    • Published: May 2011

    The yells,
    yells and screams,
    unwanted dreams,
    I'm never wanted,

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    Even when I am alone, I feel this way. I have scars on my wrist from the times I couldn't take the pain of living with people who tell you you're not good enough. that no matter what you do...

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  11. 49. Empty Inside

    I feel like I'm falling, dying inside.
    Wish I could tell you, wish in you I could confide.
    Tell you exactly how bad I feel,
    How reality fails to be real,

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  12. 50. Lonely Too Long

    The rain is pouring down again,
    And for that she thanks God.
    Maybe it will wash away the burning stain
    That's hurting her heart tonight.

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  13. 51. Heart Of Ice

    The beat of rain upon the land
    Broken teardrop in my hand
    Shattered remains upon the ground
    My beating heart the only sound

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    I really like this poem. It brings in a lot of memories.

  14. 52. Pain

    • By Jasmine Knapp
    • Published: November 4, 2021

    So many tears no one can see,
    So many people I'm supposed to be.

    So many problems with no one to listen,

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  15. 53. Keep Fighting Those Demons

    • By Tori Stewart
    • Published: February 2012

    You don't know and I'll never tell.
    If you look at me you'd never know what's really inside.
    I may laugh and smile,
    And you'll think I'm OK.

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    This is a really good poem. I, too, pretend to be okay when all I feel is an unending emptiness. It's like feeling everything all at once and then suddenly feeling nothing at all.

  16. 54. Pain, Heartache, And Loneliness

    • By Tyreka S
    • Published: June 2014

    Slowly I feel myself breaking.
    My knees feel weak; it seems I'm shaking.
    My arms are tired and my legs feel numb.
    My mind in a haywire and I want to run.

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    Such a touching poem. I love the diction used. It really creates an atmosphere that rhymes well with the subject matter.

  17. 55. Reality

    Your crimson tears stay flowing,
    But your singing voice stays calm,
    It's like you're catching raindrops,
    They keep their shape while resting in your palms.

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  18. 56. Goodbye To You, My "Friend"

    • By Denise Sarion
    • Published: March 2011

    We said we would be friends together until the end.
    You said you would always be my best friend.
    Then you stabbed me in the back.
    Now we've lost everything we had.

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    One day I caught myself smiling, and I noticed I was thinking of you.

    Hi, my name is Byndii.
    Hi, my name is Jazlyn.
    Cool, wanna be friends?
    Yeah, sure.
    We have to stay together...

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