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Sports aren't just a good way to get into shape and have fun. They can teach you valuable life lessons. You will learn how to respect others by respecting your teammates, coaches, and opponents. You will learn how to get along with others when you form part of a team. You will learn that practice is a prerequisite to success, in all aspects of life. You will learn to do your best. You will learn to never give up. Best of all, you can make lasting friendships and have a great time in the process.


My Addiction And Passion


My Sport
The big jumps, bruises, and broken bones
The blood that pours from open wounds
The stitches needed to mend the cuts
All of this can be too much
The elbow to elbow packs in which we race
The frightening heights at which we face
I still decide to risk my life
Just because it feels so right
It's a rush to hear the roar
From the fans that want some more
You push yourself to the limit
Just because you want to win it
To have the thrill without a pill
The plant, the liquid, the stuff that kills
Others choose to smoke away
So that they can feel high all day
I just hit the kickers and doubles
This gets me higher than all the others
I know it dangerous but I love to ride
Motocross is my way of life



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I start up my bike it feels so right. Give it some gas now it warm I take off with a roar. I ride to the track put my goggles on I line up at the starting gate look around 20 other guys right...

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