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A plethora of changes and the need to make many life-altering choices can make your teen years tough to get through. During your teen years, you will begin to find out who you and how you fit into the world around you. It is a time marked by emotional ups and downs, first loves, broken hearts, high school, homework, and a new found sense of freedom and independence. For some, teen life is the most difficult and sometimes darkest time of their life. For others, it is the highlight of their entire life.


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  1. Baby Girl

    • By Rebecca
    • Published: June 2012
    Poem To Her Baby From Teen Mom

    Big blue eyes and a beautiful smile
    all the qualities to last the longest while
    comforting laugh and a warm heart
    so many blessings I don't know where to start....

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    This poem was really touching. I love my dad, he is my hero and my role model. I would like to share the love between me and my father. Every daughter is special and every dad is precious...

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  3. I'm Gay

    • By Cj Curtis
    • Published: January 2009
    Poem About Being Proud To Be Gay

    I once loved one man, he took my only heart
    and right there in front of me, he ripped it apart
    I know he didn't mean to, and the fault is mine to blame
    but the guilt and pain remains all the same...

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    This is really inspiring I am currently going through the situation but it's slowly getting better, this poem gave me chills made me be proud of who I really am.

  4. Just To Feel

    I tear apart often just to feel;
    to feel the pain that should be real.
    When deep in the darkness my heart still sees;
    all the things I will never be....

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  6. Teen Life

    • By Nessie
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About The Struggles Of Teen Life

    When you are a teen, life is so sad.
    When you are a teen, you think of the life you had.
    When you are a teen, you stop believing in fairy tales
    And just start going after all the males.

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  7. She's Gone

    • By Sam
    • Published: February 2013

    The girl who always smiled frowned
    The girl who always laughed cried
    The girl who was determined
    Finally gave up and died...

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  8. If Only

    • By Taylor
    • Published: February 2009
    If Only They Could See

    I smile as a stranger walks by and catches my eye
    if only he could see
    if only everyone could see inside of my heart
    see the weakness...

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    Oh wow this is how I feel almost everyday no one really know the real me but my one true friend does.. I just wish life was a peaceful world.. only if people really knew me from the inside.

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  10. Time Is Ticking

    Teen To Family Stop Ignoring Me!

    In a house
    Full of lies
    Hurtful words
    And lonely cries...

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    I am 13 years old I live with my mum but not my dad

  11. Me Is Who I Want To Be!

    • By Cassy Yeaney
    • Published: May 2012

    School is meant to be sociable
    Home is meant to be unnoticeable

    School is a place to roam...

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  12. I'm No Different From You

    • By Geneve
    • Published: April 2009
    Poem About Being Yourself

    People just look at me,
    Look enough to stare,
    Not noticing the inside of me.
    They just look at the clothes I wear.

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    Thank you for this very inspiring poem you wrote. I feel the same way too, and sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be somebody but trash. I look down at myself every day. But reading...

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  13. Life

    • By Cynthia
    • Published: August 2010
    Try To Understand Me That's All I Ask

    Swiss of color, fabric of silk
    Breakfast as simple as cornflakes and milk
    Occults fascinate and horror chills
    Just another teenager trying to find more thrills...

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    You write really well!!
    I really loved your writing and it was something that I can relate to..Thank you for sharing it!!!

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