Divorce Poem

Just a poem about lost love and marriage, where what seemed like true love failed with a lovely woman who could not hold on to love given her, and she let fear of imagined things destroy.

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A Fool For The Wrong Woman


Published: January 2009

Eyes as blue as the  glacier
And pure as the sky
Hair silky and lovely
In the sight of my eye
Fair skin from the Nordic
Came with her so clear
With a heart that seemed brave
And so great and so dear

Soft hairs on her cheeks
And a smile on her face
Showed love was all present
And here full of faith
So my heart I committed
And my soul threw in too
For a love unrequited
Risked losing the two

Her love would not hold it
She could not be true
To her promises made
Or the life path for two
So split we at evening
Never to meet
Forever a leaving
And never be sweet

Me left with a heartache
And tattered old soul
Feeling my heart break
And joy turn to coal

For heed my good warning
And never take foot
With an insincere woman
Where is hidden a crook
For she'll steal your heart always
And take your soul too
Just because she's a woman
And you are a fool


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