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Losing Trust

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

I still sit up in my bed and think what did I do.
I remember the hurt I've seen
The pain I felt
I tried to tell
I tried to yell
I tried to tell about those bruises
Those scars
Those cuts

I went to school
& lied
They asked
But I didn't tell
No I didn't tell about
Those cuts I was forced to make
Those bruises that I had pounded into me
Those scars that she carved into my body

Every time she came near
I screamed
She came near with a knife
She came near with a fist
She came near with a stick

I tried to hide
I tried to run
She still found me
She still hurt me
She still thrust pain upon me
She still forced me to carve my own pain

She made me sick
When I saw my own blood drop
She made that laugh
Ring through my ears

I tried to save them
She came near them

She tried to harm them
I tried to protect them

Each time she punched
I yelped out of pain
Out of agony
Out of hurt

My heart throbbed of hurt
Of pain

I lost my trust
Gained my pain
Because of her
I lost my trust
I still tried to tell
I tried to tell of what she did to me
I tried to tell of what she did to them
I tried to protect them
I gained my pain
Because each time she sliced
I screamed
My screams, their screams
Where full of hatred
I lost my trust
They lost their trust
Because of her
We don't trust

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