Break Up Poem

Moving On From A Breakup

I'm Alyssa. My boyfriend and I broke up, and about a week later he asked my best friend out. I started thinking of how someone who told me they loved me and would always be there for me could just walk away so easily but realized it's not worth crying about. Through all these thoughts came this poem. I hope it helps to know not to cry over someone who's not worth your time. Don't give someone the satisfaction of seeing you cry because of them. YOU have the satisfaction that you're able to move on.

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Done With You And Your Lies

Alyssa N Fajardo ©

Published: August 2017

We were so perfect together.
All of our friends thought so.
I never thought we would end.
But we did; you stooped so low.

You said you'd never leave me,
Promised my heart wouldn't hurt anymore.
I finally saw through your mask and your lies
When you went walking out the door.

You left me stranded and went to my best friend.
You left me for her.
How could you do that to me?
You caused me pain I could never endure.

You broke every promise you've ever made,
Broke my heart like it's never been broken before.
How could you do that to me
And leave the girl you said you loved more?

You played me like the game I'm not.
I know better than to cry for a player.
So I'm not gonna cry anymore.
I'm done with your games that were never in my favor.

My mom always told me,
"Never give anyone the satisfaction,
the satisfaction of seeing they hurt you."
So you'll never see me cry; I'm not gonna have that reaction.

You and she can stay together.
I'm done with you two.
I'm done with the lies.
I'm moving on to someone better than you.


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