Funny Family Poem

My Two Year-old Daughter

I wrote this poem when in response to my daughter, I heard myself saying, "Don't Dance on the Cereal!" I laughed thinking it was such a strange thing to say to someone. Regretfully, I lost her to an accident when she was 23 years old and the memory of that day and this poem always brings a smile and warms my heart as I recall a happier time.

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Don't Dance On The Cereal


Published by Family Friend Poems January 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

She takes the breakfast cereal, and throws it on the floor
And does a little soft shoe, while Raggedy yells, "Encore!"
Teddy Bear gets a bath each day inside the toilet bowl.
Destroying me and half the house must surely be her goal!
I tell her that she's precious...she says, "No, I'm a brat!"
I ask who'd dare to say it? She says, "you mommy said that."
I yell, "Sit down!" while in the car, "you'll fall if I stop short!"
"Then stop long mommy." she answers...How's that for a retort?
It's hard to bring up children, or so I'm always told.
But I'm being raised by Tracy and she's only 2 years old.
And still I love her madly. She's my light, my pride, my joy.
And yet I keep on wondering, "Do I dare try for a boy?"


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