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I often read nursery rhymes to my grandchildren but they showed little emotion when I did. Therefore, I decided to write the rhymes in a more humorous way. They appear to be enjoying my little rhymes very much now. "Awesome, Grandad. You're funny."

I've written a number of these comic/satirical rhymes. I hope you like this one. If so, I'll send more later.

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Mary Had A Little Lamb

© more by Kenneth J. Miller

Published: August 2011

Mary had a little lamb
And a baked potato.
Mary had a salad too,
Of lettuce and tomato.

Mary asked for wine to drink,
So Daddy poured her some.
But Mommy said, "If you drink that,
I'll whip your little bum!"

So Mary chose dessert instead;
She had a choice to make:
Should I have a slice of pie,
Or a piece of cake?

But Mary couldn't quite decide,
So she took a bite of each.
It seemed the pie was rancid plum,
And the cake was rotted peach.

She gagged and spat the gross stuff out,
And hurled on the floor.
'twas then her mother grabbed her hair
And threw her out the door.


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